My Ubuntu 9.04 experience

Max petersonmaxx at
Mon Oct 12 08:34:49 BST 2009

Hello Steve
half a year I switched as well to kubuntu,
There is karmic out soon 9.10 try that and habitate half a year to it,
then it works and you will like it.
the big bug is you, who is giving up before using it 6 months at least.
I had the same or similar comments
- installing kubuntu works easy.
- getting the right screen size to 1024 x 768 instead of default 800 x
600 was the biggest problem
- how to get the driver for the graphic card and how to install it?
was my questing i could not solve and turning me away from kubuntu.
- on the new laptop the display is ok so it worked.
- the problem then is the ugly file explorer, which is best in fcxe
explorer, but not in dophin. the file explorer should be like in win
Xp, btw the file explorer of vista and win7 turned me to kubuntu.
- and the biggest problem is still to install software for me. So
Kpackage i use today to choose from a catalog of debs. but kapackage
was not default in the system, had to install it too.... but it should
be on the desktop!!!!
- as well the browser needs a desktop icon.
- same for terminal, which i learned with help. sudo get apt...
I think then the biggest problems for an average user are solved,
but the developers refused to make kpackage and terminal and browser
as desktop icons.

Not good, so everyone has to learn... but kubuntu is great, once you
are habitated..

Regards Max

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 2:14 AM, Steve Summers <stevedsummers at> wrote:
> My Ubuntu 9.04 experience: (8/9/09)
> 1) Brown is ugly.
> 2) Install took a long time.
> 3) Screen darkened (slept) during install, stupid.
> 4) Green line on right side of boot-up splash screen, looks bad.
> 5) Way too many updates after install.
> 6) Which should I install first, the updates, or the proprietary driver?
> 7) After updates, the reminder for the proprietary driver didn't come back.
> 8) Too many boot options.
> 9) During installation of proprietary driver, progress bar stayed at 0% for
> a long time.  When I clicked the progress bar, it shot up to 86%
> immediately.  Obviously a glitch.
> 10) After re-boot, ('restart now' option should be in the driver update
> dialog box, but isn't,) got 'out of scan range' on my monitor.
> I'm thinking: Linux sucks.
> Kubuntu is buggy as hell.
> PCLinuxOS has no 64-bit version.
> Mandriva's download page is blank.  Can't even download it.
> I'll be migrating from Windows XP 32-bit, to Windows 7 64-bit.  Not Ubuntu,
> or any Linux.  Maybe next year.
> Assuming I want to deal with more crap, please answer my question:  Which
> should I install first, the updates, or the proprietary driver?
> Thank-you, and good luck with your OS!
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