Bandwidth problems at beta time

Laurent moky.math at
Sun Oct 4 10:58:30 BST 2009

>> I think it's great that we have so much enthusiam for a release but
>> surely we can set aside a certain percentage of bandwidth for people
>> to get their testing done.
> I agree. I think we need to find a better solution for this problem. 
> What does everyone else think?
>      Jono

As karmic end-user who downloaded the CD+all updates twice in the first 
day (I installed on two computers), I feel I have my part of 
responsibility ;)

I don't use my Belgian mirror only by irrational fear that it is not up 
to date. Just say me that the Belgian server has no more than few hour 
delay, and I'm going to use it.

A better communication to the end-user about the delay and quality of 
mirrors could maybe help people (like me) to use them. Is there any 
statistics about who is using what mirror ?

Have a good day

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