SIMULTAN: Wine vs VMXP vs Wubi

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sat Oct 3 22:46:52 BST 2009

Hi Max,

Which version of Outlook are you looking at?  Ubuntu 9.10 will be
shipping two versions of Wine (1.0.1 and a recent beta), and the beta
may very well be capable of running the version of Outlook you need.

Scott Ritchie

Max wrote:
> Hi, I would suggest to use kubuntu in our company, but the problem is,
> that outlook then is not working,
> Of course there is wine and a VM for WinXp could be created.
> But that process needs to be better and improved.
> Why is the look in wine not so good? 
> Could there be a default VM Container in the default install with
> a desktop icon to start it?
> so users easily can install Win XP.
> And Vice Versa: Wubi-Installer allows to create a kubuntu disto in Windows.
> So a parallel boot would be possible.
> Maybe Wubi can create as well a VM Container with linux?
> There was a installer allowing on winows KDE apps...
> that needs to merge
> So that users on windows can use kubuntu in a Virtual machine
> and users on kubuntu can install XP/win in a VM machine container.
> Only if Outlook on Kubuntu is running, then it is compatible for business.
> That is the next task after Karmic?! Making BOTH SIMULTAN possible
> Any ideas how to solve the problem of installing outlook on Kubutu? any
> script or process description for a howto? experience reports from wine?
> Regards Max

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