New Kubuntu Developer (kubuntu-dev): Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Nov 30 20:58:42 GMT 2009

We're pleased to announce that we unanimously voted Jonathan Thomas
into the kubuntu-dev team.

Votes in Favour: Scott Kitterman, Anthony Mercatante, Harald Sitter, and 
                 Richard Johnson.
IRC Logs are missing from so are attached instead.

This is the first time kubuntu-dev has met to review a prospective developer 
application.  This is a new team formed as part of the archive reorganisation 
effort.  Please see for 
details on the team.

Scott K
For kubuntu-dev
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[15:01:33] <ScottK> #startmeeting
[15:01:35] <MootBot> Meeting started at 14:01. The chair is ScottK.
[15:01:35] <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
[15:01:52] --> nxvl_ (n=nxvl at ubuntu/member/nxvl) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:02:09] <ScottK> apachelogger, Riddell, nixternal ?
[15:02:30] <apachelogger> ahoy ahoy
[15:02:50] <ScottK> OK.  That's two.  We need three for a quorum.
[15:03:24] --> Mamarok (i=mamarok at amarok/rokymotion/mamarok) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:05:03] <nixternal> oi
[15:05:09] <ScottK> JontheEchidna are you here?  That's all we need.
[15:05:12] <JontheEchidna> yay, 3
[15:05:19] <JontheEchidna> yup
[15:05:31] <ScottK> OK.  It's been 5 minutes and we have a quorum, let's stary.
[15:05:44] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: Where's you're application?
[15:05:48] <JontheEchidna>
[15:06:02] <ScottK> [LINK]
[15:06:03] <MootBot> LINK received:
[15:06:21] <ScottK> apachelogger and nixternal: You've reviewed this, right?
[15:06:26] --> Tonio__ (n=tonio at has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:06:27] <apachelogger> aye
[15:06:31] -*- ScottK goes straight to questions ...
[15:06:33] <Tonio__> hi
[15:06:38] <JontheEchidna> o/
[15:06:44] <ScottK> Excellent.  Hello Tonio_.
[15:07:03] <ScottK> Tonio_:
[15:07:44] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: If you're a kubuntu-dev, you'll have access to Kubuntu's seeds.  Any thoughts on that?  Have you done anything with seed changes?
[15:08:16] <JontheEchidna> I have done some work with the Kubuntu seeds. let me see if I can find the bzr branch
[15:08:36] <JontheEchidna>
[15:08:48] <JontheEchidna> ^as part of the gtk-qt-engine -> kde-style-qtcurve transition
[15:08:55] <ScottK> [LINK]
[15:08:56] <MootBot> LINK received:
[15:09:28] --> lukjad007 (n=lukjadOO at unaffiliated/lukjad007) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:09:34] <ScottK> OK.
[15:09:36] <nixternal> JontheEchidna: how closely are you working with Debian with the KDE packages? Are you contributing directly back to Debian in such cases?
[15:10:21] <JontheEchidna> In all honesty, working with Debian is not a strong point for me. I do, however, work with the Debian maintainer of the konq-plugins package
[15:10:39] <JontheEchidna> we subscribe to the feeds to each others' vcs-es for the packaging
[15:10:58] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: After your seed change gets applied, how to you get the metapackage change in the archive?
[15:11:47] <JontheEchidna> Hmm.. let me see if I can remember
[15:12:21] -*- Tonio_ has an improvised network meeting... grrrrrrr... brb
[15:12:27] <JontheEchidna> I know Tonio sponsored a lot of my packages during the transition
[15:12:35] --> jcastro (n=jorge at ubuntu/member/jcastro) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:12:48] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: It isn't essential.  If you don't know, that's fine.
[15:12:59] <JontheEchidna> Yeah, Tonio sponsored the changes I believe
[15:13:19] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: What should we be doing differently.  We advertised kubunut-dev has having a voice in technical direction of Kubuntu.  What would you change?
[15:13:53] <JontheEchidna> If more developers would look at the bug tracker more often, then that would be great.
[15:14:03] <JontheEchidna> Sometimes I feel that bugs fall by the wayside because nobody ever looks at them
[15:14:20] <JontheEchidna> I know we have a limited pool of resources, but it gets frustrating at times
[15:14:51] -*- ScottK nods.
[15:14:51] <rgreening> JontheEchidna: Do you have a proposal to make bug triage, solving more accessible for new entrants?
[15:14:53] <rgreening> :)
[15:15:30] <JontheEchidna> hmm
[15:15:44] <ScottK> I don't have any more questions.
[15:15:54] <JontheEchidna> well in general it's not so much the triage, but what happens (or doesn't) after that
[15:16:14] <nixternal> JontheEchidna: speaking of bugs, when you upload a new package, do you see if the new upload may close already open bugs? I think many developers not doing this, is the reason for so many stale bugs that may no longer be an issue
[15:16:40] <JontheEchidna> Yeah, as one of the primary bug triagers I keep a close eye on bugs that new uploads release
[15:17:12] <JontheEchidna> since I wear both developer and bug triager hats
[15:17:21] <nixternal> JontheEchidna: do you test every package for regressions prior to uploading? if so, what kind of process do you go through when testing?
[15:17:27] --> rafael_carreras (n=quassel at has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:18:03] <JontheEchidna> After I pbuild the package I install it to make sure it installs fine, then do simple stuff with the application
[15:18:05] -*- nixternal appologizes for not endorsing, I am bad at that for some reason
[15:18:41] <ScottK> nixternal: It's OK.  There's more tension if not everyone with a vote has pre-endorsed the application.
[15:18:55] <ScottK> Tonio_ or apachelogger: Questions?
[15:18:55] <nixternal> true, that means I can play bad cop then :p
[15:19:04] <apachelogger> nothing here
[15:19:10] <Tonio_> ScottK: not for me...
[15:19:16] <ScottK> nixternal: Any more from you?
[15:19:31] <apachelogger> nixternal is bad cop so must have some more bad cop questions
[15:19:33] <apachelogger> :D
[15:19:38] <nixternal> JontheEchidna: ScottK stated in the areas of imporvement -> "As with anyone, he could sometimes stand to be a bit more careful..." what are you doing now to be more careful that you might not have previously?
[15:19:45] <nixternal> of course I always have questions
[15:20:04] <nixternal> you get good at this stuff after doing membership stuff for more than 2 years in the development arena :)
[15:20:26] <nixternal> plus dholbach and persia` aren't around, so they can't beat me to a question :)
[15:20:30] <JontheEchidna> for the example here:
[15:20:35] <apachelogger> nixternal: lol
[15:20:52] <nixternal> JontheEchidna: what text editor do you use?
[15:21:01] <JontheEchidna> I could have paid more attention to what debuild was saying
[15:21:03] <nixternal> I know with vim, it will highlight mistakes like that in the changelog
[15:21:12] <JontheEchidna> nixternal: nano
[15:21:18] -*- nixternal giggles a bit
[15:21:19] <apachelogger> Oo
[15:21:26] <apachelogger> that just made me shiver
[15:21:29] <apachelogger> oh my
[15:21:29] <ScottK> You totally should not have admitted that until after we voted.
[15:21:31] <nixternal> emacs has the mistake highlighting as well
[15:21:33] <JontheEchidna> ha
[15:21:38] <nixternal> ScottK: haha, I was thinking the same exact thing
[15:21:38] -*- apachelogger needs to become bad cop now
[15:21:39] <nixternal> hahahaha
[15:21:55] -*- nixternal hands the club over to apachelogger...get to beatin'!
[15:22:05] --> gregknicholson (n=greg at has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:22:09] -*- apachelogger is not going to tell the story about MS engineer praising emacs now
[15:22:19] -*- rgreening will miss the Kubuntu icon.. 
[15:22:29] <apachelogger> I think we should get to a vote before everyone realises that JontheEchidna uses nano :P
[15:22:31] <ScottK> OK, any more questions before we vote?
[15:22:37] --> damagednoob (n=me at has joined #ubuntu-meeting
[15:22:42] <nixternal> none here
[15:22:47] <nixternal> nano here rather :p
[15:22:51] <JontheEchidna> lol
[15:22:54] -*- apachelogger actually read nano :P
[15:22:55] <ScottK> [VOTE] JontheEchidna for kubuntu-dev (please only vote if you're in kubuntu-dev)
[15:22:56] <MootBot> Please vote on:  JontheEchidna for kubuntu-dev (please only vote if you're in kubuntu-dev).
[15:22:56] <MootBot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot
[15:22:56] <MootBot> E.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting
[15:23:01] <nixternal> +1
[15:23:01] <MootBot> +1 received from nixternal. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
[15:23:05] <ScottK> +1
[15:23:05] <apachelogger> MootBot: +1
[15:23:05] <MootBot> +1 received from ScottK. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
[15:23:16] <apachelogger> +1
[15:23:16] <MootBot> +1 received from apachelogger. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
[15:23:46] -*- ScottK looks at Tonio_
[15:24:27] <Tonio_> +1 :)
[15:24:27] <MootBot> +1 received from Tonio_. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
[15:24:29] <Tonio_> of course
[15:24:35] <JontheEchidna> :)
[15:24:39] <ScottK> [ENDVOTE]
[15:24:40] -*- apachelogger is wondering why we vote anyway :P
[15:24:41] <MootBot> Final result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 4
[15:24:43] <nixternal> woo, congrats JontheEchidna \o/
[15:24:46] <JontheEchidna> \o/
[15:24:47] <apachelogger> congrats JontheEchidna
[15:24:49] <ScottK> JontheEchidna: Congratulations.
[15:24:50] <Mamarok> Congratulations, JontheEchidna!
[15:24:52] <JontheEchidna> Thanks
[15:24:54] <jussi01> congrats JontheEchidna
[15:24:57] <rgreening> gratz
[15:24:59] <nixternal> any other business?
[15:25:08] -*- JontheEchidna edits his next changelog in notepad.exe
[15:25:14] <nixternal> hahaha
[15:25:15] <rgreening> ouch
[15:25:22] <nixternal> vi vi vi
[15:25:23] <rgreening> wine notepad.exe
[15:25:25] <nixternal> the sign of the devil!
[15:25:31] <JontheEchidna> haha
[15:25:32] <apachelogger> JontheEchidna: that is going to get you into newline hell
[15:25:40] <JontheEchidna> I kid :P
[15:25:43] -*- apachelogger reports bug about nano
[15:25:51] <nixternal> ScottK: you gonna send out the email to all of the lists?
[15:25:55] <ScottK> [ENDMEETING]
[15:26:02] <ScottK> nixternal: Sure.
[15:26:06] <JontheEchidna> ScottK: thanks a lot for organizing everything
[15:26:17] <nixternal> kubuntu-devel, ubuntu-devel, CC, TB, with a cc: sabdfl
[15:26:18] <rgreening> thanks ScottK :)
[15:26:26] <nixternal> oh, ScottK and ubuntu-news :)
[15:26:30] <apachelogger> cookies to ScottK!
[15:26:53] -*- nixternal gets the dog from outside before it freezes
[15:27:00] <ScottK> #endmeeting
[15:27:01] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 14:26.
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