Promoting Lucid Testing using KVM

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Nov 9 17:17:57 GMT 2009

Dustin Kirkland [2009-11-09  7:40 -0600]:
> Tremendous feedback on the Desktop Edition -- sure, agreed.  But
> enough?

At least we get about 50 times more bug reports than we can fix. :)

> There's a vocal minority of users that trash every Ubuntu
> Desktop release in the days just before and just after every release.

Most stuff that I saw hard to do with hardware specific regressions,
sound problems, or boot problems, i. e. precisely the bits which you
can't even test in a local VM properly, even less so in a cloud.

I do think that it would be very interesting to have these live online
systems, but it doubt that it will silence the complaints that we get
right now.

It would be great for people who work on applications, artwork, or
other designs, though.

> I have tried this feature at coffee shops too.  It's functional,
> though admittedly slower.  It is faster than downloading the whole
> ISO, though, which is nice.  I can point KVM at an HTTP url and start
> booting the ISO much quicker than waiting the 1.5 hours wget told me
> it would take to download from said coffee shop.

It's still painfully slow, though. Running rsync in the background
doesn't hurt really, but having to watch your kvm instance crawl to
the desktop does, since it has to download all the stuff while you are
watching it.

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