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Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 5 13:35:50 GMT 2009

Hi Steve:

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 06:04, Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at ubuntu.com>wrote:

> I wonder if a dpkg trigger wouldn't help here for lucid (not for SRU): each
> dkms module package registers its interest in an appropriate file pattern,
> and at the end of the corresponding dpkg run the trigger fires to try to do
> the module compilation?  This would have the advantage that dpkg would then
> have information about exactly which dkms packages failed to build, but I
> haven't thought this through completely to be sure it's worth doing and
> doesn't have any major design pitfalls.
> Reading through your idea it tentatively sounds like a good way to help
things out.  It doesn't even need to be a pattern though.  The
dkms_autoinstaller script is able to query what has and hasn't been built
yet, and try to build things.  So if a dpkg trigger is set up to just call
it at the end as necessary, that would work too.


Have you assembled a spec for Lucid we can talk about at UDS to try to help
clean up these problems?

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