Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-04-22/04-29/05-06

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Tue May 12 18:52:03 BST 2009

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== 04-22 ==
=== Colin Watson ===
 * Fixed user-setup #361627 (should not remove ecryptfs-utils when in use).
 * Slight update to wpasupplicant #44194 work, to log to syslog when running as
a D-Bus service as well.
 * Fixed ubuntu-cdimage #33438 (provide SHA1SUMS as well as MD5SUMS on cdimage).
 * Fixed ubuntu-cdimage #122229 (add pointers on cdimage.u.c to releases.u.c).
 * Lots of other 9.04 release preparation, of which I didn't keep very detailed

=== Evan Dandrea ===

=== James Westby ===
* Daily builds
  - Pushed my work on bzr-builder to launchpad, and setup ~dailydebs-team to
host some PPAs and recipes to test it. There is a bzr-builder PPA there, and the
bzr nightly PPA is now done with this tool.
  - There are some interesting questions still to solve, for instance the
packaging of gnome-do is neither mergeable nor nestable in to the upstream code
without some machinations.
  - A little bit of work still needs to be done to run everything from cron
without some scripting on behalf of the user.

* Distributed Development
  - Investigated the state of source package branches on launchpad.
  - Discussed with Colin how to handle the existing branches during the migration.
  - Started the work to handle collisions between uploads and commits in the

* Jaunty
  - ISO testing for the RC.
  - Archive admin and sponsorship of some last minute fixes for universe.
  - Cracked the "consolekit prevents switching VTs the first time" bug (#271962)
thanks to some hints from Colin.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===

=== Luke Yelavich ===
==== accessibility ====
 * Discussion with upstream and the community about my proposed linux speech
 * Accessibility bug triaging.

==== Audio ====
 * Last minute pulseaudio bug fixes thanks to Dan Chen.
 * Packaging and uploading of pulseaudio 0.9.15 final, pavucontrol 0.9.8,
paprefs 0.9.8, and libcanberra 0.12 to my PPA(1).
 * Audio bug triaging
 * Was pointed to a bug regarding the prevention of pulseaudio from starting for
accessibility profiles after install from the live CD, and encrypted home. Seems
ecryptfs seems to not like files with nothing in them, need to test myself to
see if I can reproduce.

==== dmraid ====
 * Dmraid bug triaging
 * Last minute dmraid bug fix to fix some sector calculation errors.
 * Worked through a bug with a user relating to upgrading from intrepid, and the
use of dmraid arrays with LVM. need to do further testing to attempto to reproduce.

==== misc ====
 * RC and final release image testing for UbuntuStudio.

=== Matthias Klose ===
  * Now that GCC-4.4.0 was released before karmic opens, update and prepare 4.4
packages for upload
  * Prepare binutils & glibc
  * Final python-2.6.2 packages
  * Fixes for python-twisted-core update.
  * Fix cup build failure.

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== upgrades ====
 * lots of upgrade testing
 * Silence pyqt4 logging spam from u-m main.log
 * Deal more cleanly with pre-configure errors (#356781)
 * Upgrade tests (with ~3500 python packages installed)
 * Kubuntu install to test (#348704)
 * Reproduced missing on kubuntu upgrade, fix it via workaround (#348704)
 * Fix crash in u-m when patch is not installed (#361194)
 * Debug upgrade problem with nvidia driver (#351394)
 * Fix some u-m bugs (#357755 and xorg.conf rewrite and push to
 * Work on python upgrade problem (#357884) - phonecall with doko about it
 * Fix free space check crash in u-m (#362066)
 * Command-not-found update / app-install-data update
 * Workaround gwenview hold-back (#360222)
 * Debug/fix nvidia-common #363500 that causes update-manager to exit on
"update-manager --dist-upgrade"
 * Cleanup in the StartInstall quirks code (LP: #363132),
 * ensure brasero is not held-back #364136
 * workaround for hal restart problem that makes NM kill its network
 * Debug no-longer supported problem with u-m  #364583
 * Fix guidance-power-manager upgrade problem (#364620)
 * upload new update-manager to jaunty-proposed and ddd SRU test-cases for it

==== apt ====
 * Work on apt problem with gpgv (#356012)
 * work on apt gpgv test-suit
 * Push apt-gpgv test-suite to lp:~mvo/+junk/apt-gpgv-tests
 * Apt merges (fix for apt.cron.daily, merge the gpg handling)

==== compiz ====
 * Conf call about i965 problem - decision to blacklist i965 in
 * Prepare/test/upload compiz with i965 blacklisted

== misc ==
 * bug triage
 * Review/merge patch for coreutils/apt problem (#354793)
 * Fix md5 use in python-support (#340757) and upload new python-support
 * Work on packagekit cache corruption problem (#257639), prepare SRU and upload
to jaunty-proposed
 * Add check for indicator-applet to "", put gnome-panel
into bzr (#349237
 * port automatic mime-search patch and put into nautilus bzr (#362307)
 * Build python2.4-apt package for jaunty (#354812) and push to my PPA
 * Work on synaptic quick-search improvements and improve the xapian-index
rebuild logic and push fix to PPA (and later to

==== sponsoring ====
 * Review gksu patch

=== Scott James Remnant ===

=== Steve Langasek ===

== 04-29 ==
=== Colin Watson ===
 * Ubuntu 9.04 release!
 * Started working through NewReleaseCycleProcess, with Scott.
 * Merged: base-files, devscripts, lintian, ubuntu-policy, libdebian-installer,
 * Synced: debian-policy (ironically, turned out to fail to build due to  a
missing build-dependency; working on this with my upstream hat)

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Started working on usb-creator specifications for UDS Karmic.
 * Started looking into a ctypes win32 backend to usb-creator.
 * Fixed some low hanging fruit in the form of a few low priority ubiquity bugs.
 * Spoke with bdilly about his usb-creator patch. Was told he'd put it in a
public branch so I could merge it.  Will follow up later in the week.
 * Packaged parti-all and uploaded to my PPA.

=== James Westby ===

=== Lars Wirzenius ===

=== Luke Yelavich ===

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * karmic toolchain opening
 * gcc-4.4 was released, so open karmic with it
 * gcj updates for hppa
 * contribute openjdk local changes to IcedTea
 * upstream python2.7 and python3.1 configuration changes
 * armel image testing for jaunty
 * upstream small binutils/GCC-4.4 local changes
 * initiate jaunty test rebuild with karmic toolchain.

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== jaunty release ====
 * Add SRU test-cases to the jaunty-proposed update-manager upload
 * Add SRU instructions for packagekit error (#257639) and upload new version to
 * Update meta-release for jaunty final and activate it
 * Sru for synaptic (#365151) for the apt-xapian-index update
 * Add release notes for unneede guidance-power-manager
 * Update-manager SRU (to fix/workaround upgrade problem we discovered late)
 * Compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported sru (#349201)

==== upgrades ====
 * lots of update-manager/post-release bug triage
 * Create update-manager/jaunty branch and start karmic development in
 * Debug apt-cacher releated sources.list rewrite problem with pmautilus
 * Debug python upgrade problem with pymol
 * Debug upgrade calculation failure with libkipi0/libkipi6 (#365840)
 * Fix pmm to actually compile/install (#365995)
 * Fix softflowd install failure (#365928)
 * Fix crash in update-manager with partial upgrades (#366048)
 * Refactor quirks hanlding code (in post-jaunty branch)
 * Debug/fix incorrect free space calculation in u-m (#365623)
 * Fix file overwrite error in opencity (#365619)
 * When rewriting sources.list in update-manager, remove cdrom entries with no
lists files
 * Work on better sources.list rewrite for apt-cache/apt-p2p uris (#367002)
 * Update-manager karmic upload
 * Debug/fix langauge-selector quote problem (#241904)

==== apt ====
 * Work on apt hash problme with turkish locales (#80248)
 * Fix g++-4.4 build failures in apt
 * Look into better segfault/coredump handling for jaunty in apt-term.log
 * Add dmesg log to apt apport pkg failures (to get info about segfaults too)
 * Look into auto tagging for dpkg file overwrite problems (#368435) (need
support from dpkg)

==== misc ====
 * Debug indicator-applet problem (#349237)
 * Debug/fix notification-daemon crash (#131227)
 * Debug/diagnose the synaptic problem (#365129) with conffile detection
 * Debug/fix problem that apturl sometimes skipps adding sections (if it knowns
about the package already)
 * Fix apturl to support proper url synatax
 * Work with asac on workaround for #363798
 * Organize 1-to-1 meeting with Muharem

==== sponsoring ====
 * Review/sponsor brasero (#361224)
 * Review/sponsor gnome-terminal upload
 * Review/sponsor gnome-terminal karmic upload

=== Scott James Remnant ===

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * managed a release, with the help of a very persistent and dedicated team \o/
 * sleep a bit (i.e., took Release Friday off)
 * help with opening the archive for karmic

=== Packages ===
 * sync coreutils (dropping Ubuntu diff)
 * merge ntp

=== Misc ===
 * post-release email catch-up, trying to sweep up all non-release-critical
threads that were deferred

== 05-06 ==
=== Colin Watson ===
 * Synced: mlocate, klibc, partman-newworld, ocaml
 * Merged: rootskel, partman-auto, base-installer, netcfg, localechooser,
 * Fixed partman-auto-lvm to make partman-auto-lvm/guided_size preseedable.
 * Fixed gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #360087 (bootloader.pot not present in the binary
 * Initial, very basic, Ubuntu branding work for GTK d-i.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Short week, bank holiday on Monday, May 4th
 * Lots and lots of work on usb-creator in ~evand/usb-creator/future.
   * Further refactoring, drag and drop support, disk image support, unit tests,
proper mounted partition management, properly handling errors from external
commands, etc.
   * Merging changes from Bruno Dilly's OEM team branch.
 * Merged liw's progress time estimator into usb-creator trunk. Perhaps this is
something we can use in ubiquity as well.
 * Had discussions in #ubuntu-devel over how we call dd in usb-creator to create
the casper persistence file.  It was agreed that we move back to the Intrepid
behavior and I made the necessary changes in trunk.
 * Work on migration-assistant Windows registry Python bindings.  By the end of
next week I hope to have those and the Mac OSX binary plist code finished.
 * Drafting UDS Karmic specifications.

=== James Westby ===

=== Lars Wirzenius ===

=== Luke Yelavich ===
==== Accessibility ====
 * Further writing of documentation relating to the speech work that I will
likely be doing in the karmic cycle
 * Discussions with upstrea about the future plans of accessibility for GNOME
3.0, particularly relating to speech
 * Updated gnome-orca to 2.27.1, accerciser to 1.7.1, mousetweaks to 2.27.1, gok
to 2.27.1, and merged at-spi with Debian changes 2.26.1 for karmic.
 * Merged espeak with latest changes from Debian in karmic.

==== Audio ====
 * Audio bug triaging
 * Updated and merged the alsa stack, alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins,
alsa-utils, and alsa-tools to 1.0.19 for karmic.
 * Updated and merged pulseaudio to 0.9.15 for karmic. Still need to update
paprefs and pavucontrol.

==== dmraid ====
 * Updated dmraid to latest Debian revision for karmic.

==== Misc ====
 * UbuntuStudio disk image testing for jaunty
 * Further planning for UDS karmic

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * glibc merge with Debian unstable
 * openjdk-6 update for karmic
 * integrating build of different VM's from the openjdk packaging into IcedTea.
 * openjdk/llvm/shark integration in the ubuntu packages, llvm update
 * update symbols files for the various GCC runtime libraries, file bug reports,
fix regressions, rinse, repeat.
 * on lpia, build GCC-4.4 with code opt defaulting to atom. Note, it did default
to i386 until Apr 30.
 * bank holiday May 01

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== travel ====
 * travel to Cologne for a one-to-one meeting with Muharem
 * worked on a bunch of merges together and I sponsored them

==== update-notifier ====
 * Add autolaunch minimal interval for u-n (#369198)
 * Fix some update-notifier debug logging issues
 * Upload new update-notifier to karmic

==== update-manager ====
 * Debug/reproduce kubuntu-kde4-desktop upgrade problem (#368459) and fix in u-m
 * Make update-manager always display version strings in the changelog details
even if no changelog can be downloaded
 * Fix comment bug in u-m (#300504)
 * Work on auto-install-tester
 * Debug strange upgrade problem (#370062) and add workaround code, its still
unclear what has caused the error but the error condition should be detected and
handled now (long)
 * enable "update-manager -d" for jaunty->karmic upgrades (and test with kvm)

==== SRU ====
 * Debug/fix apturl refresh problem (thanks to dobey) and SRU  (#356781)
 * SRU for compizconfig-backend-gconf (#352656)

==== compiz ====
 * Work on compiz karmic packages
  - cleanup
  - add coreabiversion patches from debian
  - merge interessting bits from the the debian packages
 * Integrate the compiz-core-abiversion-$ver into the plugin packages

==== merges ====
 * dash, curl, newt (forward patch to debian), file, findutils, slang2, strace,

==== misc ====
 * Debug/fix g-a-i search bug (#354563)
 * Update python-apt distros for karmic
 * Change to only count security from $(lsb_release -c -s)-security
updates (thanks to seb128)
 * update to deal with karmic and armel

=== Scott James Remnant ===

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * SRU processing for jaunty
 * a couple of d-i merges in preparation for alpha1

==== Packages ====
 * merge libxcb, python-support, gnome-sharp2, libgsf, pm-utils, ptlib,pygments,
rss-glx, texlive-bin, ttf-sazanami, libpam-ldap, libitext-java,libxml-twig-perl, vim
 * syncify glib2.0, gmime2.2, ndesk-dbus, ndesk-dbus-glib, coreutils again
 * push more patches up to Debian so I don't have to merge these again next time!
 * coreutils upload to fix sort segfaulting in kernel-wedge
 * try to fix a user's backlight handling via hal (bug #360795)

==== Sponsorship ====
 * acpi-support (bug #366119), happily trimming the package down even
 * farther
 * follow up on bug #139661 (aptitude)
 * mono (bug #344750)

==== Misc ====
 * Performance review season
 * Monday archive duties

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