Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-03-25

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Mon Mar 30 09:45:46 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 15:07 -0500, Robbie Williamson wrote:

> === Scott James Remnant ===
Sorry, didn't get my report in on time:

==== Boot Performance ====

 * Set CPU scaling governor to "ondemand" after the boot has finished;
   we use "performance" as the default since that's the governor used on

 * Patched nautilus to not fade in the desktop background on initial
   boot, but made sure fades between backgrounds when changed are still
   retained.  The initial fade-in takes a few seconds of boot, when we
   are very CPU bound and the window/compositing manager is still

 * Patched gnome-panel to not slide in the panel on initial login, this
   takes a few seconds of boot time and is generally not visible since
   the window/compositing manager is still starting

==== util-linux ====

 * Packaged the 2.15-rc1 release of util-linux-ng which contains the
   merged bklid/vol_id library and fsck

 * Updated e2fsprogs packages to not create the blkid binary packages or
   include the fsck binary

 * Patched e2fsprogs using Karel's patch to use the external blkid
   libraries, fixed bugs with patch and send back to linux-ext4 mailing

 * Updated udev rules to call blkid -o udev -p instead of vol_id,
   updated equivalent rules in mdadm and devmapper

 * Updated initramfs-tools to use blkid -p instead of vol_id

 * Reviewed Kay's patch for HAL.

==== Upstart ====

 * Work on D-Bus object layer

==== Misc ====

 * CD testing

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