Installation report for UNR 20090324 on Acer Aspire One

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Tue Mar 24 10:59:48 GMT 2009

 * First, a cosmetic issue: "Try Ubuntu Netbook Remix without any change to
   your computer" is a bit long (though it does fit on the screen OK)

 * I received an unexpected Pop-up "Unmount partitions that are in use?"
   during partitioner startup:

   The installer has detected that the following disks have mounted
   partitions: /dev/sdb [this is my USB stick]

   Surely the installation media should be automatically excluded?
   This looks to have been filed as
   (untriaged) and

   Is the "netbook-remix" project an appropriate place to file UNR bugs, or
   should they always be filed on Ubuntu packages instead?  Both?

 * I expected clicking "continue" to proceed, ignoring this partition.
   Instead, it caused the dialog to be displayed again and again, until
   I clicked "Go back", which actually went forward

   This is also mentioned in

 * Just as the installation was finishing, the X server crashed due to

   This is the first time I had seen this bug outside of a suspend/resume
   scenario, and so I'm getting more concerned about it.

 * The usplash shutdown display (including the prompt to remove the USB key)
   was corrupted.  This may have been related to the X server crash, so I'd
   appreciate confirmation if anyone else saw this.

 * The WiFi did not work out of the box, but worked after I removed the
   acer_wmi module.

   This confirms

 * Jockey popped up and offered the madwifi driver, which is odd as ath5k
   worked fine.  I confirmed

 * Putting Cheese into Favourites is great; the webcam works out of the box
   and it's fun to play with.  Does it appear there even if there is no
   (detected) webcam though?

 - mdz

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