Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-03-04

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Mon Mar 9 20:45:34 GMT 2009

== Present ==

 * RobbieWilliamson - chair
 * ColinWatson
 * EvanDandrea
 * JamesWestby
 * LarsWirzenius
 * LukeYelavich
 * MatthiasKlose
 * MichaelVogt
 * ScottJamesRemnant
 * SteveLangasek

== Apologies ==

== Actions from previous meeting ==
 * None

== Agenda ==
 * Jaunty
6 bugs]]
Status Update]]
  * [[|LP Targeted bugs]]
 * [[|Sponsorship queue]]
 * Good News
 * AOB

== Actions from this meeting ==
 * None

== Activity reports ==
=== Colin Watson ===
 * Fought with LVM race condition bugs during installation. After some
conversations with Scott, most of this turned out to be a udev bug (#332270);
I've added a few more synchronisation points to  partman-lvm to attempt to clear
up the rest.
 * grub2 build for lpia.
 * Sponsorship:
  * base-files #330820 (no urgency and is a policy matter, explained and
unsubscribed ubuntu-main-sponsors).
  * lsb #336436.
 * Ran into and fixed partman-auto-lvm #334648 (rounding error).
 * IS status call; wrote up notes.
 * Spec reviews:
  * grub2-by-default: approved
  * distributed-development-debian-import: approved
 * Diagnosed partman-base #328097 (partitioner preseeding problem); seems to be
user error.
 * Wrote patch porting kvpm to ext4 (#335972).
 * Backported upstream lshw patch to add ext4 support (#326336).
 * Adjusted CD preseeding to permit task selection in expert mode.
 * Wrote up proposed Technical Board resolution on Landscape.
 * Added 'update-dev --settle' and converted the installer to use it where
appropriate, eliminating unwanted 'udevadm trigger' calls.
 * Fixed console-setup #332728 (uses cached keymap even when reading a user
configuration file).
 * Fixed partman-basicfilesystems #336992 (swap UUIDs changed). Found a busybox
aspect during testing and fixed that too.
 * Fixed installation-report #337276 (/var/log/installer/initial-status.gz is
empty on server installs).
 * Fixed most of oem-config tasksel handling. Filed #337306 for the remaining piece.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Filed a FFe and followed up with Ago regarding getting Wubi in Jaunty.
 * Email to Timo via the ubuntu-installer list on the Wubi status and i18n.
 * Email to Steve A, Steve M, and Robbie explaining the status of the
oem-tracking-id specification and how to test it.
 * Work on a proper slider for the segmented_bar.  This has proven tricky to get
right (rendering a GTK widget on top of Cairo in a gdk window).
 * Work on consistent colors in the segmented_bar.
 * Merged ubiquity from lfaraone's branch to push mutually used artwork between
the GNOME and KDE frontends in the artwork package.
 * Wrote a patch for LP: #34974, giving less terse resize errors in partman.
 * Investigated and followed up on lots of bugs, and fixed a few in the process.
Making a list of major targets for 9.04.
 * Discussions with Eric Butler over his changes to usb-creator (sd support in
progress, wraplabel set label fix, always center fix) and adding a "pretend"
mode to usb-creator.  Also merged some patches from him.
 * Merged a patch from pitti for usb-creator to fix a bug around the dd code and
created a usb-creator-hackers team with core-dev as a member.
 * Worked on the update-initramfs bug (LP: #292159), but ran into a kernel panic
with the new initrd.
 * Investigated the root cause of the ubiquity timezone DST shift bug, but it's
going to take some more work to fix.
 * Looked into the filtering mounted partitions issue with cjwatson as it kept
coming up in bug reports and filed a bug to track the solution.
 * Sent an email to Robbie explaining what I do on Ubuntu, per his request.
 * Started creating some documentation for usb-creator:
 * Started a discussion on i18n support in main applications with cjwatson and
Ago that became a thread on ubuntu-devel.  I didn't think to check the MIR wiki
page, it's part of the approval process already.
 * Attempted to fix LP: #335704, but the code around it could really use to be
reworked and I wanted to move the disk choice to a drop down box anyway, so
putting off for at least a day.
 * Fixed LP: #258017, some small changes to the finished dialog in ubiquity per
mpt's request.
 * Discussed adding a drop down box for the grub device to the summary page with
cjwatson, as we cannot always guess the correct grub root device and when it
bites us, it bites us badly.
 * Looked into, and followed up on some more UI bugs in ubiquity from mpt.

=== James Westby ===
 * Distributed Development
  * Continued pounding through bug reports, such that there are now only a few
  * FFe granted to upload what I have, will upload directly tomorrow if my
sponsor hasn't uploaded to Debian.
  * Will now focus on back-end stuff again, firstly clearing up some old things
(such as porting to launchpadlib), then bringing up Debian.
  * Implemented support for multiple "--author" arguments to "bzr commit", so
bzr can now record multiple authors for a revision.
    * Made bzr-builddeb start storing the new property where it sees the
multi-author changelog convention used.

 * Ubuntu
  * Little sponsoring, and no archive admin this week, sorry.
  * Preparing core-dev application, need to find myself some sponsors willing to

 * Other
  * Discussions on the format for the recipes which the daily build tool will
take as input. First format basically agreed upon.
  * Became a bzr core committer.
  * Preparing for bzr sprint next week, I leave on Thursday 5th.
    * Main focus for me will be talking to jml about Distributed Development and
Launchpad, plus helping the bzr team with the focus of their sprint, and doing
some work of my own.
  * On vacation the week after the sprint, meaning I will not be available as
much from the 5th-23rd, though will be around if needed. Anything urgent grab me
before I go.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
==== Done this week ====

 * Verified that Computer Janitor packages handle upgrades from intrepid to
jaunty correctly.
 * Wrote draft API to handle machine-readable debian/copyright files according
to Showed it to Steve Langasek
and the OEM team for feedback.
 * KVM problem (guests not using virtio networking tends to lose network),
tested Dustin Kirkland's attempted fixed packages from his PPA, but they didn't
solve it. Converted my all my guests to using virtio.
 * Testing of LP: #281546 (left and down arrow key won't repeat in synergy).
hardy works, intrepid doesn't, jaunty works. Documented this in the bug, and it
should probably be marked fix released.
 * While testing the synergy bug, needed to install jaunty on real hardware.
Found out that in 2008 there were still motherboards being manufactured whose
BIOS can't read more than the first eight gigabytes of an IDE hard disk.
 * Reported LP: #335464: installer time zone selector is confused about city
 * reported LP: #335470: ubiquity should not select text in first text field
when clicking "forward" button.
 * Tested various versions of liferea to see if I can't find a version that
fixes LP: #203157 (liferea uses a lot of CPU at times). Tested jaunty and Debian
sid versions, compiled for intrepid, but no luck: the bug still manifests itself.
 * Reviewed bugs I've reported, or subscribed to, or that I'm responsible for
fixing. Closed a bunch, marked a couple as invalid (as gently as I could), and
one as fix released, and a few as confirmed.

==== Remaining from past weeks ====

 * Handle all computer-janitor related bugs.

==== Plans for the coming week ====

 * Fix bugs: 288731, 317721, 311557, 300354, 289931, 277924, 316775. (All
assigned to me, or otherwise belonging to me. They're mine! Mine! Do you hear!
Mine! But patches always welcome.)

=== Luke Yelavich ===
=== Audio ===
 * Audio bug triaging
 * Continued to work with Daniel Chen to get the best possible configuration and
performance for users using pulseaudio. Talked to upstream and the kernel team
about the best kernel configuration needed for the best pulseaudio performance.
THe kernel team are not likely to change to upstrea's recommendations, so we
will have to work around this.
 * Uploaded the latest test version of Pulseaudio to my PPA, as well as a newer
version of the alsa library, needed by the test PulseAudio package.
 * Uploaded some fixes for for the alsa library and plugins.

=== Accessibility ===
 * Uploaded new upstream versions of GNOME accessibility packages, at-spi,
mousetweaks, gnome-orca.
 * Spent time working out why I didn't have logout/shutdown menu options. Found
out that the fast user switch applet disabled these whenever it was on the
panel. Got rid of the applet locally, and have disabled it for accessibility
installs for speech and braille. The lack of the menu options has already
confused a few people in the blind Linux user community.
 * Was notified about the logout/shutdown dialogs again not being accessible. At
first I thought it was a race condition between a couple of GNOME components
starting incorrectly, however I am no longer sure thats the case. Further
investigation is needed.
 * Was also notified about speech and audio problems with gnome/orca. Speech
would work, but audio from music players etc would not, or vise versa. Still
need to look into it.

=== Misc ===
 * Participated in some discussions as to the future of GNOME accessibility
relating to speech synthesis, and GNOME 3.0.
 * No sponsoring. (I tend to get too caught up in my own work.)

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * Python update to 2.6, including all packages in main.
 * Sponsoring Python packages, Python related bug triage.
 * Allow the Cacao VM be built as an additional VM from the OpenJDK sources, and
make it available an optional VM (java -cacao).  Reduces build time, archive
space, maintainance efforts.
 * glibc-2.9 merge with Debian.

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== update-manager ====
 * Conf call with mpt about update-manager behaviour for jaunty (auto open
 * Work on update-manger/software-propoerties integration (as requested by the
dx team)
 * Bugfixes in u-m, new update-manager upload with setting button  (DX team request)
 * upgrade testing
 * Switch auto-upgrade tester and ec2 brnach to new config overrrides system
(simplifies profile writing)
 * work on the aufs branch
 * test aufs brach for hardy->jaunty upgrades

==== python-apt ====
 * Memory profiling of update-manager/python-apt
 * apply improvements to my python-apt branch (not uploaded yet)
 * Merge fix for python-apt mem corruption

==== compiz ====
 * work on compiz profiling and add 90_profiling patch to the package (enabled
in the ~compiz PPA)
 * Upload compiz with profiling support and libcompizconfig with protocolbuffer
support into the ~compiz PPA, I see good startup improvmenents with it
 * update our default settings now that libcompizconfig (the one with protobuf)
no longer has the global.xml file
 * Merge compiz branch from loic
 * trying to fix missing gnomecompat in compiz on upgrade (fix incomplete)

==== update-notifier ====
 * reboot required dialog is shown only once per session now
 * add checks if dpkg/apt were run in between when calculating the auto-luanch
 * run update-manager with nice and ionice
 * add --debug-autolaunch switch
 * upload new update-notifier

==== gnome-app-install ====
 * app-install-data update
 * work on "AlwaysOnTop" gnome-app-install feature (required for edubuntu)
(ready in the lp:~mvo/gnome-app-install/always-on-top branch)

==== python ====
 * deal with the python update and change my packages to confirm with the new
way (debian/rules update, debian/*.install updates):
   * command-not-found
   * gnome-app-install
   * unattended-upgrades
   * update-manager
   * gdebi
   * language-selector
 * build latest bzr-builddeb from bzr trunk/ to get a working  version with
python2.6 (required for the compiz work)

==== misc ====
 * Command-not-found data update
 * fix crash in unattended-upgrades
 * Fix crash in language-selector for certain locales (#336425)
 * Review/merge utf8 fixes in gdebi-kde
 * Review/merge hardy-partner repo bzr branch
 * Push "rapt" to lp:~mvo/+junk/rapt (for elmo)
 * Merge fix for software-propoerties utf8 problem

==== spoonsoring ====
 * Review/sponsor nautilus-sendto
 * merge/sposnor language-selector fix from sianis
 * Merge/sponsor language-selector changes by arne

=== Scott James Remnant ===
==== Kernel ====
 * Much debugging for performance problems on my laptop (Dell D420), ongoing
with apw
 * Written over a dozen patches to solve autoloading issues with modules when
device nodes are opened (pending pull request)
 * Written a handful of patches to fix module defaults (pending pull request)
 * Patch to fix the auto-loading of the floppy device on systems that support
PnP via ACPI
 * Discussion with apw when we realised that PnP via BIOS no longer results in
module auto-loading, and even force loading the modules  results in anything
from minor issues through to a kernel oops

==== module-init-tools ====
 * Package updated to 3.7pre6
 * Problems with git/bzr crossporting, ended up having to redo the repo  :-(

==== Boot Performance ====
 * Moved apmd to start alongside acpid
 * Moved various init script to start after gdm where the pre-order simply isn't
needed.  Right now the default is that any script using "defaults" would get
started before, so this has to be done on a case-by-case basis.
 * Redid the teardown work, rc0.d and rc6.d are hopefully minimal again
 * Replaced the xserver-xorg-input-wacom init script with a udev rule to do the
same thing
 * udev updated to 139
 * Various tests with sreadahead on rotary disk, not ideal

==== Merge-o-Matic ====
 * Merged Adrien Cunin's branch of comments support, ported from DaD. This did
not go smoothly and involved several changes and iterations to get to a point
where the service didn't crash, or drop its comments file on the floor.

==== Misc ====
 * Replacement laptop hard drive arrived from Dell (after I found bad sectors on
the disk while in Berlin), installed and restored from backup
 * Started building i586-optimised packages, having got gcc compiled with the
right flags and dpkg compiled with support for the i586 architecture

=== Steve Langasek ===
==== Release management ====
 * alpha-5 released
 * FFe processing
 * ubuntu-cdimage fixes for Wubi

==== Packages ====
 * fix a release-critical problem in libpam0g (bug #303515)
 * propose a patch to fix network-manager's attempts to manage virtual devices
(bug #199140)
 * track down pam bug #327597, which is not a bug after all
 * merge samba 3.3.1

==== Misc ====
 * Monday archive duties

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