ltsp feedback.

Rogier Wolff R.E.Wolff at
Sat Mar 7 09:35:15 GMT 2009


I was just rereading the ltsp installation instructions. 

The "A burning desire to send feedback to ubuntu-devel" was mentioned,
so I decided to oblige...

For me ltsp is TOO complex. I want to be able to simplify it so that
it doesn't do as much, but satisfies my needs. 

I also see a bunch of things that "used to be done easier", that are
now done slightly more complex, complicating things if things don't
want them exactly like that.....

For example, the "nbd-read-only-root" is a nice idea. However I would
like to have a even easier way to disable it if I don't want it.

Similarly the ssh-to-the-server is something I don't want. My client
is on a private network, I'd rather have the performance of straight X
connections than the security of ssh-encrypted X traffic (on my
low-performance thin client). 

So what am I after? I actually want to have a "large" photo frame. The
7" versions cost about the same as a thin client. A 19" monitor (that
I have lying around) costs about the same, so for twice the money, I
get 7 times more picture area... 

This means that after booting the kernel, just starting an X server
(preconfigured is fine!) and triggering the slideshow app is enough. 

Starting X can be done VERY early in a boot sequence. I used to have a
machine with a fixed frequency monitor (back in the early nineties,
and of course it wasn't fixed-vga-frequency!) That machine would run
something like two commands before starting the Xserver and displaying
the remaining boot sequence on an Xterm.....

If the thing boots really quickly I can turn it off, and just flip it
on whenever a few hours of service is required. If the boot sequence
is as long as it is, I have to leave it on 24/24 and just unblank the
screen when that's required. 

I'm now moving to stripping ltsp almost all the way. 


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