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Laurent moky.math at
Tue Mar 3 22:27:47 GMT 2009

Marius Gedminas ha scritto:
>> 1. the ones who say "updates ? I don"t care; even security holes : there 
>> are no viruses on Linux and even with viruses, I don't care : I have 
>> nothing to hide on my computer, no personal data, no agenda, nothing"
> And then there are ones who don't understand and are scared by every
> unfamiliar window and just click on 'Cancel' by default, thinking it's
> the safer choice.  You could consider them to be part of group (1).

Yes, I do, of course :)
> [1] btw, if someone knows a text that can explain me how to be 
> persuasive in explaining that security updates are needed for everybody, 
> I'm interested. Although I try very hard, I never succeeded to make that 
> point clear in the head of non-expert users.
> Have you tried appealing to their sense of civic responsibility?  If
> somebody takes over their machine, they could use it to attack other
> people on the Internet/send spam/etc.

Yes. The simplest case being : if *you* have a virus that steal *my* 
email address on your computer, *I* get spamed, so *your* security is 
*my* problem. No real results...
Maybe I'm not a good advocate, or I present badly my ideas :(
The only way, in my experience, which works more or less is : why is 
Linux more secure than Windows ? Because Linuxians install the updates. 
I'm only 50% convicted of the honesty if that claim, but it works sometimes.

Anyway, I'm quite convicted that the update issue is more an education 
issue than a interface/notification issue. As such, Ubuntu should take 
care  : one of the main consequences of Bug Number 1 is that 98% of 
people believe that it is possible to use a computer without any 
education : everything has to come out of the box and user has no 
administration to do. Ubuntu being one of the top-popular Linux 
distribution in the non-expert world, we have some responsibilities in 
avoiding Ubuntu users to reproduce that bad behaviour.
So, when I install an Ubuntu for a friend, I try very hard to convince 
him to install the updates, and I'm quite afraid to see that it don't 
works ... ok ... I'm now out of the subject ;)

have a good night

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