Co-operation meeting

Pasi Lallinaho open at
Tue Mar 3 16:44:55 GMT 2009

First, hello everybody on the list!

Based on the discussion at UDS Mountain View (see, I've now added a meeting in
the Fridge Calendar ( about the
co-operation between *buntu* flavors. The areas of discussion would be
wide, including making contact lists up-to-date, restarting, discussing hardware compatibilities etc. The goal is to
share resources efficiently and well balanced while utilizing people in
the functional teams as much as possible.

The exact time for the meeting is *March 16th 16:00 UTC*. Please mark up
this in your calendar, if you're interested OR if you are a TEAM LEAD.
The (preliminary) agenda for the meeting can be found at the wiki page

Thanks for your attention and let's co-operate.

Pasi Lallinaho
Xubuntu Marketing Lead
Web-designer, graphic artist
IRC: knome @ freenode

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