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Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Tue Mar 3 00:00:08 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,

I am interested in gathering feedback on the state of our developer
documentation. I just don't want feedback from doc people but from
Ubuntu developers themselves who have been consuming these docs.
Currently the developer link from points people to this

This page covers an immense amount of information about all aspects of
Ubuntu Development. Mozilla has a "Mozilla Hacking in a Nutshell" page
that caught my eye in a format that looks useful:

I am wondering if perhaps we should have a more focused set of pages
that makes it easier for people to drill down into a specific area of
development as opposed to "One Big Page" or if we should start looking
at something a bit more structured? I've heard many developer-friends
of mine (who are not involved in Ubuntu) say that they wish Linux had
an equivalent of the documentation that is in something like MSDN
because they can never find anything and get lost in a bunch of wiki

Mainly, I am interested in getting feedback on how we can knock down a
barrier to entry-level people who might be interested in doing their
first contribution to Ubuntu, the UbuntuDevelopment page feels
intimidating to me. Yes, I realize that there's only so much one can
do in making a complicated task simple and the answer might be
"there's no way to explain this any simpler".

Jorge Castro
jorge (at)
External Project Developer Relations
Canonical Ltd.

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