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Fri Jun 26 21:50:04 BST 2009

*Ubuntro*, an application showing how to work with ubuntu, aimed at
"human beings" who come from using windows all their lives and now
made the step to try and see beyond the horizon.

I took this to #ubuntu, and they told me to contact the
developers, so I hope this gets heard.

If you're all wondering why I come with this proposal: I've hooked my
dad up with an ubuntu install (after about 30 years of working with ms
software), and many others already but they're all kinda stuck in the

When I first told this idea to the people on the irc channel they told
me "read these 20 pages of pdf".

I told them: ok, saying rtfm but then a bit empathised isn't the
ubuntu idea, so I'd really like to know if there exists some program
that introduces people *interactively* to the ubuntu environment and
went ahead to make up the folowing list of my idea of such software.

*Key Idea:* A guided tour from within ubuntu (would be nice, but is it
doable?) or a flash tour online (-> promo without having to install it
first). This is a guided tour through the default ubuntu from a fresh
install. 2 tours are available, along with a search function allowing you to
find quickhelp about every topic discussed in the tours. The tour should
state that all software that is default installed is entirely free and
maintained daily to listen and act upon the peoples remarks and requests.
(explains all the updates ppl will get, my dad already is thinking: so many
updates, man this is one broken piece of software). |--------------| |Basic
tour| U..bun..tu? Where to find what, from first startup. |--------------|

Ubuntu, making a computer work for you, for free.

- Start from "logging in after startup" ~ login window under windows +
reasons for using both login & pw

- Explanation of pannels (~ windows start bar) and multiple desktops +
	*pointing arrow to applications*: here you can find all your
installed applications grouped by theme
	*arrow to quicklaunch buttons*: this is where you can put shortcut
icons to your favourite programs
  *how to add quicklaunch buttons
	*arrow to desktop: taskbar and hotkey for multiple desktop switching

- connecting through a network (yes, WPA and WEP aren't familiar terms
to most people) ~ windows just has "connect to this network please
give the pw"

- basic default software for what ppl are used to use:
  * Nautilus ~ win explorer
	* Evolution ~ win outlook express / hotmail / ...
	* Firefox ~ win ie7/8
	* OpenOffice, all in one work suite ~ ms office
	* Pidgin, the all in one suite for msn, irc, ...
	* gimp, movie player (+ codecs), rythmbox, gedit...

|Advanced tour| Ok, I know what I need to know to work, know I'd like
to learn to mess the system up.

Arr, show me them bits & bytes.

- explanation about rights of files and examples of where to use sudoers rights

- what do I do if a program is stuck (open htop? wait for it to turn
grey then force quit? xkill?)

- how to install software (both synaptic & normal add-remove)

- basic system administration ->system menu hot topics like:
  * appearance
	* keyring
	* display (when attaching a projector or 2nd screen)
	* ...

- Having 2 partitions (People tend to like to do that, or get a pc
with default 2 partitions)

- packages you might need when browsing: adobe flash, java plugin, ...

- adding a printer (had to guide my dad through doing this, even tough
it seems pretty straight forward, he's 60 yrs old you should know).

- ...
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