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Tue Jun 23 20:02:17 BST 2009

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 5:46 PM, Marcel
Holtmann<holtmann at> wrote:
> Intel and Nokia are pleased to jointly launch the ConnMan project, an
> open source project to accelerate and expand development of Internet
> connection management for Linux Devices. ConnMan will be utilized as a
> technology within Moblin and Maemo. is now the place to
> bring developers together who are interested in furthering the
> development of Internet connection management within Linux. Review the
> source code for more information. ConnMan is licensed under GPLv2, and
> provides a daemon for managing Internet connections within Linux
> devices. ConnMan is a fully modular system that can be extended, through
> plugins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.
> Configuration methods, like DHCP and domain name resolving, are
> implemented using plug-ins as well. The plug-in approach allows for easy
> adaption and modification for various use cases. Nokia and Intel will
> jointly maintain the ConnMan project. We'd like to invite all developers
> to join the effort and community.


I was already wondering when I saw the moblin beta: how much is it
different from network-manager ?
I would really love a modern and _common_ way to deal with network
connections for linux (and other unices ?), but it looks like the
current trend will lead to plenty of similar but not-compatible
(great) tools :/
AFAIR, solaris also has such a tool and each distrib has its own
"ifconfig improvements" (I mostly know the debian ones).

(Of course, I don't mean to start a flamewar, but I would welcome a
discussion on the pro and cons of each of them, possibly leading to a
great unification)

Best regards
Aurélien Naldi

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