New "libc" project libposix started

Henrique Almeida hdante at
Mon Jun 22 16:44:05 BST 2009

 * This message is being sent both to ubuntu-devel (because it's the
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(because it's an "idea for the development of Ubuntu") ;-)

 I've started the development of a new libc implementation called
libposix. The project has many goals, the main one being to create a
strictly compliant POSIX 2008 library from scratch that will unify
"libc" implementation on all Unix platforms. :-o The secondary goals
are as important as the main one, like being very clean, easy to
study, easy to maintain and having a friendly developer and user

 Since Ubuntu is the main development environment, I'm recruiting
Ubuntu developers to join the development (or just to spread the
word). Many project roles are defined for the project and can be found
in the project page. We currently need volunteers to all the project
roles except "performance developer".

 Everybody is welcome, specially current libc developers.

 More information is available at:

 Henrique Dante de Almeida
 hdante at

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