One Hundred Paper Cuts -- the first ten

Niels Egberts niels.egberts at
Fri Jun 19 16:03:59 BST 2009

> This is exactly what already happens, Network Manager saves the network
> passphrase for future use.
> The problem is that the keyring *into which* it saves that password is
> encrypted with your login password as a key.
> If you use auto-login, your *keyring* is not yet open.
> The passphrase you have to enter is not the network passphrase, it is
> your login password - needed to decrypt your keyring.
> Otherwise all the saved passwords and passphrases would be trivially
> readable :-(

Why not let the user decide if the network-passphrase will be stored
encrypted or not? I am not afraid that my passphrase will be stolen,
and if it is, they already have access to my whole computer.

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