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Fri Jun 19 15:57:44 BST 2009

Hello David,

David Siegel [2009-06-19  8:58 -0500]:
> I feared that this one in particular would be too difficult to fix 
> completely, but what about ensuring that the password prompt has a "save 
> password for future use" checkbox, so the password only has to be 
> entered once per encrypted wifi network?

What would that bring you? Then you'd have to save the user's password
in cleartext on the hard disk, which is worse than storing just some
(less sensitive) passwords in cleartext.

> Some password prompts include this checkbox, and some do not.

Right, everything that _uses_ gnome-keyring can store their passwords
in the keyring. But the keyring itself needs to be encrypted with a
master password, which usually coincides with the user's password. You
can reduce a million passwords to knowing one, but not fewer than
that, I'm afraid.

> If you don't believe a trivial solution will be found, please mark 
> invalid in hundredpapercuts 

Martin Albisetti did that already.

> and mark the bug as affecting project ayatana (we are collecting
> usability bugs there).

Done. I also added a network-manager-gnome task, to get Alex' feedback
to the proposed solution.



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