One Hundred Paper Cuts -- the first ten

David Siegel david.siegel at
Fri Jun 19 14:58:21 BST 2009

Martin Pitt wrote:
> David Siegel [2009-06-18 16:23 -0500]:
>> Wifi auto-connection asks for keyring password
> This issue is pretty hard to get right, and thus I think it really
> disqualifies as a paper cut. I commented on the bug and subscribed
> Alex and Seb for further input. Your input from design POV heavily
> appreciated as well.
> Perhaps invalidate this as a papercut (since these are meant to be
> "trivially fixable") and let another papercut onto the list?
> Thanks,
> Martin
I feared that this one in particular would be too difficult to fix 
completely, but what about ensuring that the password prompt has a "save 
password for future use" checkbox, so the password only has to be 
entered once per encrypted wifi network? Some password prompts include 
this checkbox, and some do not. I realize this approach would involve 
more than adding a checkbox to a dialog, but I kept this bug a paper cut 
in hopes that it could be fixed with subtle keyring settings changes.

If you don't believe a trivial solution will be found, please mark 
invalid in hundredpapercuts and mark the bug as affecting project 
ayatana (we are collecting usability bugs there). Feel free to choose 
another paper cut to round out our 10 for the week :)


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