One Hundred Paper Cuts -- the first ten

David Siegel david.siegel at
Thu Jun 18 22:23:02 BST 2009

We've identified the first ten of one hundred paper cuts* that we plan 
to fix for Karmic:

Dim files when you 'cut' them for later 'paste' action

"Move to Trash" option misleading

Ambiguous wording in confirmation alert box

"Eject/Unmount" Human theme icon in Nautilus should have hover and click 

should apply icons to xdg-user-dirs

update manager should warn about laptop running on battery when 
installing big updates

Consistent Volume "Safe to remove" notifications

Extra menu in Create document's menu

nautilus doesn't assign custom icon to "Downloads" folder

Wifi auto-connection asks for keyring password

The goal is to have all ten fixed by next Friday, at which point we will 
announce 10% progress on the project and celebrate. If this week goes 
well and we can get enough developers involved, we will continue at a 
pace of ten paper cuts healed per week. With a pace like that, this 
project is going to get a lot of attention and get everyone super 
excited for Karmic.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, there is no 
better time to start. Pick one of these ten bugs and get busy: identify 
affected projects, make contact upstream, look for patches floating 
around, begin crafting a fix, or provide any other feedback. Also, if 
any of these don't appear to be fixable by next Friday, please comment 
that the bug may not be a paper cut. Some of them appear to be 
nontrivial, but someone with more expertise might discover a trivial way 
to make progress on the issue if not solve it completely. Canonical's 
Design and User Experience team aims to get involved with these first 
ten before early next week, but if a paper cut is not blocking on their 
involvement (many are not) and you can make progress, by all means 
please do so.

Thank you,

PS: For the curious, here are the potential remaining paper cuts:
Many people have already started working on confirmed paper cuts, and a 
few fixes have already landed.

*Paper cuts are trivially fixable usability bugs that the average user 
would encounter during his/her first day of using vanilla Ubuntu 9.10.

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