One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 2 Progress Report

David Siegel david.siegel at
Mon Jul 13 18:05:53 BST 2009


With many developers attending Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 
<> last week, the second 
<> in the 
One Hundred Paper Cuts project 
<http://> was moved back one 
week. We did not heal all ten paper cuts in Round 2 
<>, but we 
made excellent progress on seven of them, while three paper cuts (and 
one Kubuntu paper cut) need some more attention before they can be healed.

Paper cuts fixed in this milestone:

    * Scrolling over your desktop no longer causes seasickness
    * Warn users who attempt to run updates on battery power
    * Don't show esoteric "Sign" and "Encrypt" entries in file context
      menus <>
    * Remove "Open with" and quotation marks from entries in "Open with"
    * Show application icons in the "Open with" sub-menu

The following paper cuts are still in progress. Many of them have 
patches available, but something small is preventing the patches from 

    * Nautilus's search button tooltip is misleading
      The fix for this bug was included in a broader patch; a patch that
      directly addresses this bug needs to be created.
    * Network Manager's wireless network password field should be
      focused by default for quick authentication
      Patch is awaiting review and integration upstream and in Ubuntu.

These paper cuts appear to be stuck and may need *your* attention:

    * "Create Document" Templates difficult to use
      Needs a fundamental decision about which templates to include.
    * Ambiguous wording in Computer Janitor confirmation dialog
      Patch needs attention from someone with PyGtk expertise.
    * Fix avatar in KDE menu to be next to username
      Plasma Review Board seems to have rejected the patch outright for
      breaking visual consistency.
    * Poor descriptions for some applications in Startup Programs window
      This bug needs attention from a native english speaker with
      excellent writing skills.

Overall, I am pleased with the great work completed for this milestone, 
especially the amazing Nautilus work by Marcus Carlson 
<http://> with the 
upstream care and cooperation of Cossimo Cecchi 
<>. I expect the lingering paper cuts in 
this round to be fixed for Karmic even as we move our focus to Round 3 
<> this week.

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