reverting from change to karmic development branch

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Thu Jul 9 05:25:39 BST 2009

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 5:30:58 pm Stephen Burke wrote:
> Doh.  In that case, what's the best way to get source for the
> development release.  For example I was using jaunty & I wanted to get
> the newest source for a package so I could make a debdiff for karmic?

On, find the .dsc, then run "dget" (substitute in the correct 

Though if you only have the deb-src and not the deb lines for Karmic, it 
shouldn't be able to upgrade you.  You can use "apt-get source -t karmic 
<package>" to select which deb-src you're pulling from.

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo
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