Pulseaudio v0.9.16~test1 available for testing.

Luke Yelavich themuso at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 2 01:23:13 BST 2009

Hi all
I'm happy to announce pulseaudio v0.9.16~test1 is now available in the new ubuntu-audio-dev team PPA at 1, for karmic only. Earlier versions of Ubuntu cannot be used for testing due to one of Pulseaudio's dependencies now requiring at least kernel 2.6.31, as well as the latest version of udev. The amd64 package has not been built yet, but should be done shortly. If you find any bugs, please file them under pulseaudio in Launchpad, and make sure you reference the PPA v0.9.16~test1 package in your bug description.

The plan is to eventually get this into the karmic archive proper, however a new dependency of pulseaudio, rtkit, needs to get into main before we can update pulseaudio. I hope to have this done within the next week.

Happy testing.

(1) http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive
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