Packaging large Java software stacks ?

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at
Wed Jan 28 17:20:10 GMT 2009

Matthias Klose wrote:
> Thierry Carrez schrieb:
>> That's a difficult one to answer, since there is no API versioning in
>> JARs, but apparently a lot of new releases do. The Geronimo developers
>> told me the slightest version change frequently breaks the TCK JavaEE
>> compliance tests, and using the latest is usually not the best. To get
>> an idea of the (runtime) components versioning complexity, see [1]. The
>> -Gnnnnnn versions means it's a Geronimo-patched version of the JAR that
>> is used.
>> [1]
> I don't think all of these should translate into packages. Looking at Netbeans
> you have hundreds or more components or modules, but just a few packages. I
> doubt that we do want to package those all separately.

These are not the Geronimo internal modules, but the runtime
dependencies from external projects (or related, but separate, Apache
projects) that Geronimo copies into their release tarball.

There is indeed some redundancy (for example libtomcat6-java provides 9
lines of that list, and GShell would probably provide 17) but in most
cases those would probably need to be packaged separately (as they come
from different sources and are released with their own version number).

Thierry Carrez
Ubuntu server team

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