Desktop Team Weekly Summary, 2009-01-27

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Tue Jan 27 22:55:39 GMT 2009

Here are the minutes of the weekly meeting and activity reports. This 
can also be found here:

== Present ==
  * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  * Alexander Sack (asac)
  * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
  * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  * Chris Cheney (calc)
  * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  * Martin Pitt (pitti)
  * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

== Apologies ==
  * Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

== Agenda ==
  * Outstanding actions from last meeting
  * sprint topics
  * Add/Remove...
  * Pet bug status
  * Language selector
  * Release Status
  * Review activity reports
  * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==
  * Action: ArneGoetje, Seb128, all: set specs to "pending approval" so 
that Martin can sign off/provide feedback if still not done.
   * Result Arne: moved spec to pending just before the meeting. pitti 
to review asap
   * Result asac: NM spec doesn't really have an implementer, so will 
link to bugs and set to pending reviews
  * Action: bryce: tag 10 pet bugs
   * Result: has tagged pet bugs
  * Action: rickspencer3: follow up on status of meeting attendance. 
What action, if any, is necessary for people to start signing up and 
   * Result: Ensure that your attendance is recorded on the conference 
attendance wiki. These will most likely be mass Ok's at upcoming 
managers' meeting. If you need to get it done before, ping line manager 
or randa.
  * Action: rickspencer3: provide Jane and Chris community/team feedback 
regarding Add/Remove... renaming.
   * Result: Bounced back decision to rickspencer3.
  * Action: seb128: Get new GDM into universe this week.
   * Result: Done
  * Action: rickspencer3: consolidate list of sprint topics, send to all 
along with other scheduled topics.
   * Result: see internal sprint wiki

== Actions from this meeting ==
  * ACTION: rickspencer3 to follow up on status of security review for MIR
  * ACTION: rickspencer3 to work with mvo/robbiew to get the work for 
Language selector done for Jaunty, community involvement?
  * ACTION: pitti to discuss costs and requirements of graphical non-X 
based installers with cjwatson
  * ACTION: pitti/asac to respond to MIR for Riddel/Kubuntu
  * ACTION: rickspencer3 to compile spec work status and resend

== Sprint Topics ==
  * Dx: We will work with them to get a few of their features working at 
the sprint
  * Bug management: pitti/Seb128 to prepare workshop on efficient bug 
  * bryce wanted to ensure that his items for the sprint made it onto 
the wiki (they did)
  * pitti notes that the sprint agenda is quite full

== Add/Remove... ==
  * rickspencer3 thinks we should focus on this holistically in Jaunty +1
  * General agreement that there is no great name to change 
Add/Remove... to that conforms to requirements identified in the last 
  * General agreement that there is a lack of clarity on the problem 
that such a name change would solve.
  * rickspencer3 will propose a more holistic approach to this problem 
in Jaunty +1 via blueprint and UDS.

== Pet Bug Status ==
  * A few team members have started to fix pet bugs.
  * rickspencer3 encouraged team to work on these and work together to 
make time for them, as it is meant to be a benefit of Jaunty cycle that 
there is time to work on these.

== Language selector ==
  * mvo wants to move responsibility to our team, can anyone help Arne 
with it in Jaunty?
  * no one on the desktop team has the bandwidth to pick this up. 
rickspencer3 will discuss with robbiew and mvo. Also, the idea of 
inviting a community member to participate was brought up.

== Release Status ==
  * As an experiment in tracking status on feature work, everyone sent 
in an update on individual specification work items:
|| who || done || postponed || started || blocked || not started || total ||
|| Riddell || 4 || 0 || 4 || 7 || 9 || 24 ||
|| asac || 2 || 1 || 2 || 0 || 3 || 8 ||
|| bryce || 4 || 0 || 5 || 1 || 2 || 12 ||
|| calc || 2 || 0 || 3 || 1 || 1 || 7 ||
|| pitti || 3 || 2 || 1 || 4 || 6 || 16 ||
|| seb128 || 1 || 0 || 1 || 2 || 1 || 5 ||
|| ArneGoetje || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 1 || 1 ||
|| || 16 || 3 || 16 || 15 || 23 || 73 ||
  * Note that most "blocked" items refer to work items for helping other 
teams with certain tasks, and those teams have not yet asked for that 
help. Therefore, blocked status is not necessarily bad.
  * Note that this list only includes work captured in blueprints. 
Normal maintainer work, bugs, etc... are not captured here.
  * The full list is here:

== gtk directfb ==
  * directfb is no longer supported by upstream. It is buggy and very 
time consuming to build.
  * Nothing in Ubuntu currently depends on it.
  * The server team would like to use GTK d-i graphical installer for 
9.04, which does depend on directfb.
  * Making this work and taking on maintenance will be very expensive.
  * pitti to follow up with Colin to discuss the costs and the requirements.

== MIRs ==
  * Riddell reports that some of his work is blocked by hold ups in main 
inclusion process. This includes hold ups in security reviews as well as 
general hold ups with ~ubuntu-mir.
  * rickspencer3 to follow up with security team.
  * asac and pitti to work on MIR queue

== Activity reports ==
=== Alexander Sack (asac) ===
=== Mozilla ===
  * Backport and get review on patches required for libnotify to 1.9.0
  branch without breaking ABI
  * Initiate Major Change request for libnotify; reciped confirmed
  * Packaged and sent out ffox 3.0.6 QA builds enter beta; uploaded to
  ~ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA
  * release almost enters beta upstream; two patches to land
  before we can tag; for 1.8.0 branch I started to assemble the next
  release patchset
  * catch up on upstream bugmail
  * develop first patch to fix pyxpcom using the standalone glue
  * 1st fix attempt for thunderbird threading behaviour on bugmail;
  submitted upstream; probably needs a more complex fix though: LP:
  * talked to Martin Mai about bug procedures for firefox; based on his
  feedback I updated the MozillaTeam/Bugs/Procedures wiki page.

=== NetworkManager ===
  * work on modemmanager enabled network-manager; allmost all bits are
  done; needs some final testing before uploading to ubuntu.
  * running ppp 2.4.5; next talk to debian.
  * talk to dcbw about connection policies and more control for users;
  mixed outcome: more control for users, yes. old connection policy:
  * started to reimplement the AT command sequence used by f3507g
  modemmanager plugin in a clean fashion, so we can get this into
  modemmanager main tree at some point. The Ericsson provided bits are
  unlikely to ever make it into the archive nor upstream (my guess).
  * fixing Dell Mini Setup; reconfirm long dely during connect for
  f3507g modem.

=== Misc ===
  * processing a few MIR bugs
  * cleanup $HOME partition; elminated ~80G of cruft
  * working on DesktopTeam/Specs/Jaunty/DesktopNetworkChanging

=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===
==== Distro Work ====
  * Sponsoring:  inkscape (#321079), gnumeric (#317368), mdadm (#314991)
  * Experimented with gnuplot

==== Xorg Work ====
  * Workaround launchpadlib bug #254901, update automated scripts to tag
   new bugs with needed files
  * Conceptualized additional points where apport could be plugged into
   x-server (e.g. "no valid modes" errors, "EQ overflow" inf loops, etc.)
  * Worked on my bzr tree of launchpadlib scripts
  * Triaging for xorg-server and xorg bugs
  * Triaging for xkeyboard-config, fixed/upstreamed bunch of bugs, finally
   got it down below 50 bugs now.   :-)
  * Merged xterm 239, reviewed all xterm bugs, closed over half as fixed
  * Worked on various assigned bugs, bugs with patches, etc.

==== Misc ====
  * Off Jan 19 (national holiday)
  * Off Jan 20, 21 due to family emergency

==== 2-week Plan ====
  * xorg.conf Backup/Recovery work
  * XSmoke testing
  * Help Alberto get xorg-options-editor into Universe
  * Integrate apport support into bulletproof-x mode
  * Focus on my assigned bugs list, bugs fixed upstream, and bug reports
   with patches attached.
  * Berlin sprint

==== Chris Cheney (calc) ====
  * Working on 1:3.0.1~rc2-2ubuntu1 packaging
  * Tried upgrading to Jaunty but got hit with xorg cpu issue
  * Got bitten by imap folder bug 320198 in Evolution, version in 
-proposed works and needs propagation
  * Booked flight/train/hotel for Jaunty Sprint and Sun meeting
  * Weekly OOo Release Status Meeting
  * Weekly desktop team meeting
  * Lots of OOo bug triage

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===
  * packaging KDE 4.2 along with Kubuntu Ninjas team
  * merging and filling in holes in system-config-printer-kde applet
  * split mysql for Amarok, amarok and kontact can now be co-installed
  * archive admin half day

  * MIRs for quassel, policykit-kde, packagekit, packagekit-kde

  * Fix up 4.2
  * Get amarok back into main
  * Fly off to sprint
  * More system-config-printer-kde work

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===
Progress on assigned blueprints:
  * apport-retracer-maintenance: Implemented integrity check of dup db
  and creating backup files. Fully implemented now.

Currently open stable/milestoned bugs: none

  * Worked on dynamic gconf translation handling to claim back ~ 10 MB
  of live CD space (~ 5 on alternates). Yay for fixing my first
  pet-bug! (LP #123025)
  * Asked for interested people to do archive management. Improved
  documentation and started to mentor Scott Kitterman, will start
  mentoring Jamie Strandboge this week. Sebastien will mentor James
  * Stepped down from doing regular archive days, too little time for
  it, and after so much time it is time to pass the buck.
  * Ported gdm patch for having separate password field (for artwork
  * Prepared dev week talk, only to accidentally delete it two minutes
  before my talk started. I'm retarded  :-(
  * Spec reviews.
  * Lots of phone meetings
  * Apport retracer maintenance; it works pleasingly stable now

  ntfs-3g, sqlite3 (uploaded different fix), gdm-guest-session,
  consolekit, dontzap, usplash

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===
  * GNOME 2.25.5 updates: eog gnome-desktop gnome-panel gnome-media
  * worked on packaging the new gdm which is available in the
ubuntu-desktop ppa now, sent a call for feedback on the desktop-list but
got user comments about it yet
  * started a fight against gtk 2.15, nobody is working on the directfb
backend upstream and it's buggier in every version and breaks the build,
took a while to get it to build but got it to work and uploaded to
jaunty. Do we really need the directfb version in ubuntu and do we have
somebody interested to work on it?
did the next gtk updates which have been rolled this week to notice that
one crashes gdm and the next one crash gnome-panel, didn't upload those,
let's see how good is the next tarball
  * hardy sru: gedit (workaround a crasher when using ssh locations)
  * intrepid srus: gvfs, nautilus (backported the jaunty fix for the smb
authentication issues and a fix for a scrollbar issue) and gtk
  * did an openweek presentation on the desktop tem and GNOME updates
  * commented on the evolution-data-server and evolution jaunty updates
which are being worked by a contributor
  * discussed about evolution-mapi and the work to do on it, a
desktop-team contributor started packaging it and the server team will
try to give an hand to do testing
  * sponsoring: deskbar-applet, gnome-games, gnome-system-monitor,
nautilus-sendto, vinagre

=== Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter) ===

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