Packaging large Java software stacks ?

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Jan 26 10:10:57 GMT 2009

Thierry Carrez schrieb:
> Potential solutions to solve (1) include using a parallel delivery
> mechanism for JARs, separated from the usual Ubuntu packages, something
> that could hook into Maven repositories... or get ready to create a
> separate package for each version of each JAR.

While I don't know much about Java, JARs and Java packaging, this sounds
most like the most ubuntuic or debianic alternative. I realise that it
will take huge amount of work and a very active Java team that manages
the source packages that are out-of-date, etc. very well.

I'm sure there's a lot of interest in getting this solved, but as far as
I know we'd need more documentation or "agree on" example packages to
make this work easier. What do you think?

> Please let me know what you think of all this problem. I'm pretty sure
> the Java world will one day gets its senses back and have a more
> distribution-friendly dependency system, but we probably need a
> solution until such day happens... or forget about such Java software
> altogether.

The only way I see to go about this is very careful bitching about
breaking compatibility over and over again. We've done this successfully
in other parts of the Open Source community. :-)

Have a great day,

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