armel build status

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Sun Jan 18 12:55:37 GMT 2009

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, Loïc Minier wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009, Timo Aaltonen wrote:
>>> - xorg-server: build failure, missing header file, not armel specific.
>> I don't see how this is possible.. libc6-dev depends on linux-libc-dev
>> (which includes the header now), but the builder does not install it..
> Perhaps it's already installed by default, and not upgraded to the
> latest jaunty version for some reason?  Anyway if you rely on a new
> header, you want a versionned build-dep.

Ok, I'll make libdrm-dev depend on linux-libc-dev (>= 2.6.28-4 should 
do). Thanks!


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