Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2009-01-13

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 14 10:42:28 GMT 2009

= Attendees =

 * Mark Shuttleworth
 * Scott James Remnant
 * Matt Zimmerman (chair)

= Agenda =

 * ubuntu-core-dev application from Dustin Kirkland (kirkland)
 * Limited main upload rights for Stephane Graber
 * Getting correct information on the fridge about this meeting (mdz)
 * Technical Board nominations (sabdfl)
 * cdrtools (mdz)
 * ArchiveReorganisation and governance impact thereof (mdz)
 * Patent policy (mdz)

= Minutes =

== Meeting times and the Fridge ==

The meeting time was incorrect on the Fridge calendar, and needs to be
updated.  It would be far preferable if a member of the Board could do this
directly.  Matt recorded an action to follow up with the news team.

== ubuntu-core-dev application from Dustin Kirkland ==

Dustin's application was accepted and approved by the Board, and he is now
our newest core developer.

== Upload rights for LTSP in main for Stephane Graber ==

The Board approved Oliver's request, on behalf of Stephane, for privileges
to upload the italc, ltsp, ldm and ltspfs packages to main.

== cdrtools ==

Nothing has happened since early December.  Matt took an action to ping the
parties involved in the discussion.

== ArchiveReorganisation and governance ==

We were short on time in the meeting, and a separate meeting on this topic
(with the MOTU Council) is scheduled for later this week, so it was

== Patent policy ==

The lack of a clear policy on patents is blocking a complete response from
the Board to a developer inquiry.  There wasn't time to hash this out during
the meeting, and it s till needs work.

== Technical Board nominations ==

Mark nominated Colin Watson and Kees Cook for one open position on the
Board.  A run-off vote of Ubuntu developers has been announced on
ubuntu-devel-announce and is in progress at

== Other business ==

Colin Watson asked for guidance on the management of the OEM tracking ID
namespace.  It was agreed that the Technical Board would manage this for

 - mdz

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