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Nick Ellery schrieb:
> On the four points made by Daniel, I can agree with all but the fourth
> being beneficial.  The reason that different Membership Boards were
> created was to allow those that are unable to attend CC meetings to
> still apply for membership.  Doing something like this isn't quite as
> reasonable with developer applications, and as such it may become very
> difficult for people to make it to the meetings.  I am in this position.
> Perhaps what could work is that the process is kept to email.
> Everything which Daniel suggested can be done here, with links to wiki
> pages (where sponsorship feedback could be left) etc.  From there, the
> meetings can take place, and the MC can decide whether or not to accept
> an application there, meaning that the developer who is applying does
> not have to be there, but of course could be.

As I said in another mail already: we can be flexible. If the time can't
be met, we can try organising a different time. If that does not work at
all, we can still stick to email (or whatever).

I think there's a lot of benefit to having public meetings and
face-to-face time with the applicant.

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