Including shared libraries in a package

Luka Renko lure at
Thu Jan 8 19:45:37 GMT 2009

On Thursday 08 January 2009 09:23:50 Stephan Hermann wrote:
> To be honest, I use some third party non-open-source apps from those
> vendors and even when I don't like their politics sometimes, I do
> appreciate when they do not install their libs under /usr/*
> I do like the way of installing those apps and with their needed libs
> (I do understand why they need sometimes different libs then we are
> shipping) under
>         /opt/<vendor>/<application>-<version>/{bin,etc,lib,share,<whatever>

I would also like to support the use of /opt for partner repository packages. 
This makes clear separation and it is anyhow defined in FHS.

Stephan, I think /opt structure is actually separated on top level, therefore 
you have:

More info is available here:



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