New Application processes

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Jan 8 16:10:38 GMT 2009

On Thu, 8 Jan 2009 09:03:31 +0100 Soren Hansen <soren at> wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 02:24:46PM -0500, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> > 3) Use the wiki
>> > Applications and endorsements shall be drafted on wiki pages, and
>> > presented for review when complete. This will give you the chance to 
>> > a template for the application, where we can make sure that most areas
>> > for the application are well-covered.
>> I would prefer that sponsors still send in their comments via mail.  I
>> think that makes it clearer where the application stops and the
>> sponsors words start.  
>I don't think I follow. Do you mean it's /visually/ easier to tell? If
>that's your concern, that can be simply alleviated by clearly putting
>endorsements (or the opposite) in a separate section in the application

I guess it's just a question of personal taste.  I like the flow of doing 
this on a mailing list.  I don't like the idea of the applicant (or their 
wiki page) intermediated between the sponsor and the MC.

I do think the template needs to clearly separate things, but that's an 
implementation detail.

Scott K

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