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Thu Jan 8 15:44:20 GMT 2009

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James Westby schrieb:
> I'd like to clarify the steps that would be involved though, can you
> confirm the following is correct?
> 1. Applicant prepares a wiki page listing their achievements, best
>     work, plans etc.
> 2. Sponsors/advocates add their feedback to the wiki page.
> 3. Applicant posts their application to the mailing list.
> 4. The MC reads the application and does background research, or 
>     whatever it is you do.
> 5. At the next meeting the applicant can attend after a waiting period
>     of two weeks the application is reviewed with questions asked,
>     and feedback from other interested parties given. The MC then votes
>     on the application during the meeting.

Yes, exactly.

> This was going to be the core of my reservations about this. If there
> are mailing list discussions on the application beforehand, which there
> will be for the contentious ones, then the transition to an IRC meeting
> may not always be smooth.

I see the mailing list discussion as a time for the MC (and everybody
else) to take a look at the application and to ask for clarification or
ask additional questions.

> We would need to ensure that those with objections felt that their 
> concerns had been taken in to account by the Council, even when they
> may not be able to attend the meeting; if a decision is taken in your
> absence that doesn't go the way you want then it is easy to feel like
> your opinions were not listened to.

It will be important for the MOTU Council to be well-prepared for the
meeting, ask questions and be on top of things on the mailing list.

> However, we elect the MC to vote on applications, to listen to all of
> the inputs and make a decision. It shouldn't be that if I say "this
> person makes a few too many mistakes for me to trust them to upload
> without a sponsor yet" I expect the application to be blocked. I should
> expect the MC to look at some of the mistakes, and then talk to the
> applicant about the way they work and review their own changes, and
> then make a decision, even if they disagree with me.

Absolutely. This kind of input is very important. We appreciate
information about "areas of improvement" of the applicant. It gives us a
much more complete picture.

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