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Richard Johnson nixternal at
Thu Jan 8 03:30:34 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 12:07:35PM -0600, Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> A chief concern with my MOTU application was that I had not touched
> enough Universe packages.  Not to pick on Michael, but his Core Dev
> application is currently blocking on the issue that he hasn't been
> MOTU for "long enough".  I'm sure there are other examples of
> applicants, who, like Michael and I, were encouraged by all of our
> sponsors to apply, but were met with somewhat arbitrary arguments of
> not having done enough XYZ in Ubuntu yet...

Just to make it clear, the only thing blocking on Michael's application
at this time, are further comments from his other sponsors that have yet
replied to his application. After that, then the MC will vote on his
application. Just because a couple of people had concerns, doesn't mean
his application is blocked. Just a clarification.

To the rest of the comments that were made on the topic of the "New
Application Process":

There is a brief description of what is required prior to applying for
Core Developer. I think a majority of the time, the people who are
applying to be a core-dev, a majority of us know who that person is, how
that person is in the community, and what we can expect from that
person. We utilize the sponsor comments and other stuff in their
application just in case one of the voting members is unfamiliar with
that person for various reasons.

I am definitely fond of some of the Debian questions. The questions that
were put on the bottom of our proposal was really used just to get some
generalized answers to gauge the applicant's personality a little,
especially if we have never met that person in person, or if one of the
voters isn't familiar with that person.

I really love the feedback we are getting thus far, and I look forward
to more, where we can tweak the proposal and eventually turn it into
something golden :)

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