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Hello everybody,

some of you will have noticed that the application processes of the MOTU
Council have been taking several weeks, even months in extreme cases and
we have been very unhappy with this status quo.

We identified a number of reasons for this and have been discussing
efforts to resolving this. The solution we propose is going to give us
the benefits of both: the general membership process and our mailing
list based discussion.

Please share your feedback.

1) Preparing better applications using the wiki
A template will be provided for an application, encouraging more
complete applications which should help the members of the community who
review and vote on the application in reducing their response times.
This will help curve the current complaints received in the MOTU
community concerning the amount of time that it takes for the MOTU
Council to conclude their voting, which in most cases is hampered by the
lack or length of responses by the applicant's sponsors. We'd like to
ask future applicants to gather feedback from their sponsors before the
application is sent in. This will cut down waiting time and it will make
making a decision much easier. The application is still sent to the
mailing list.

2) Request more explicit feedback
Sponsors shall provide more explicit feedback, including specific areas
in which they worked with applicants. We can base our decision on much
better information if we know what your experience has been like, where
you see areas of improvement and when you share around five examples of
your collaboration.

3) Use the wiki
Applications and endorsements shall be drafted on wiki pages, and
presented for review when complete. This will give you the chance to use
a template for the application, where we can make sure that most areas
for the application are well-covered.

Discussion can still happen on the mailing list.

4) Open IRC meetings for application approvals
Application reviews and approvals shall happen at a fortnightly IRC
Meeting. This is how every Council and Board deals with applications and
is a great opportunity to talk to the applicant face to face. In
addition to that we believe this will make our Council more
approachable, inviting and interaction more immediate. We'd like to hold
these meetings every two weeks and like to request two weeks of time for
review and discussion before a decision is made in the meeting.

We feel that these changes are going to be a notable improvement and we
would like to hear your thoughts on them, so we can move to the new
format real soon now.

Have a great day,
 your MC
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