Orphaning packages

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Fri Feb 27 10:24:17 GMT 2009

Hi all,

not even sure this is the right forum any longer as I simply didn't have
time to catch up with all changes.. anyway..

I find myself with always less and less time to properly maintain those
packages in Ubuntu.

So this is the status for Jaunty:

corosync needs to be updated to version 0.94 that should be released
upstream next week. This is required to address a serious memory leak in
the IPC layer. Soname for all corosync lib should bump to 3.0 as the API
is changed (this will happen upstream, but there is always the usual
package rename blablabla stuff going on).

openais needs to be updated to version 0.93 (will be released at the
same time of corosync 0.94) to match corosync new API. Same story for

redhat-cluster needs to be updated at least to 3.0.0.beta that will come
out right after corosync/openais. This will require some packaging love
as well because libfence had a soname bump to 4.0 (this change is
required to fix a regression that could not have been done cleanly

The dependencies between those packages are really tight, make sure to
build them in the right sequence with the correct versioned BuildDepends
and Depends.

GFS1 kernel module code is available within cluster-3.0.0 tarball in the
archive and it builds with 2.6.28 kernel. This should also be updated in
the Ubuntu kernel tree. A recent change in seems to have
modified an exported symbol so that we need to add an extra patch to
gfs1, but this is being addressed upstream right now. In case keep an
eye on our git trees or contact me off list.

If you have any question about the packaging, please don't hesitate to
ask me. I still care about those packages, but I just can't give them
the love they deserve.

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