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I am very impressed with you guys!! You managed to almost completely solve a
problem in a week! 
I am very thankful to everyone specially to Steve and Allen for committing
to this project.
I will try again with the instructions that Steve gave me and here is also
the file that I send (sorry for make it in photoshop) as a jpag. 
Steve if you managed to fix this bug I would be "Out of Space" :) anyway
thank again to all and God bless you all.

Spase Ivanovski

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On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 03:21:28PM +0100, Spase Ivanovski wrote:

> I installed Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 the Alpha 3 version, then I installed WINE
> and I tried to install the game Toolkid again and it gives me the same
> answer as before. If you Steve managed to run Toolkid please guide me
> through the detail since I might be missing something. Just a reminder
> are multiple programs with this software and the major one Toolkid does
> work the rest of them look good as much as I see. The language should not
> a problem since I can install the Ubuntu with other languages. But for now
> it seems that I cannot manage to run Toolkid. Let me know!!! 
> Here is a picture of how does my error report look like!

Yes, this is the "escaping problem" that I mentioned in my previous mail:

> There are also two problems with the menu entries added to the GNOME menu
> for this program.  First, the 'ToolKID' link has a path escaping problem,
> and all the backslashes in the path to the kidspac.lgp demo file are
> missing, causing a launch failure.  (It launches fine from the

I'm able to launch ToolKid manually with the following command from the

  LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8 wine 'c:\comlogo\Comlogo.exe'

I believe this is a bug in GNOME for mishandling the following .desktop

  Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/vorlon/.wine" wine "C:\\comlogo\\Comlogo.exe"

The unquoted c:\\comlogo\\demo\\kidspac.lgp is collapsed to
c:comlogodemokidspac.lgp, which can't be found, resulting in the error

For this to have happened, something interpreting the .desktop file is
handling the \\ differently outside of quotes than inside of quotes.  That
definitely seems like a bug to me; and it should be a fixable one.

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