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Thu Feb 26 08:20:15 GMT 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 09:10 +0100, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Chow Loong Jin [2009-02-26  0:04 +0800]:
> > This brings to mind some issue that was mentioned earlier in this thread
> > about how having these dialogs could encourage an influx of fake dialogs
> > on websites that entice you to just click on it without looking.
> This is no different than faking the update-notifier window itself.
> With the current Linux desktop architecture, if you get a program
> smuggled into the user's session, you pretty much won over both the
> user's data and the machine. And a solution which would defend against
> this would be so unusable that nobody would be able to get any work
> done with it, I'm afraid.
I think you're missing my point. Firstly, update-notifier does not have
windows, unless I'm gravely mistaken. My point here is about web sites
having these <img> banners that look like Ubuntu dialogs, similar to the
many banners you see saying "You have blah blah blah virus. Click here
to remove it" on many websites.
> > While I don't really think of this as a good idea, perhaps it would be
> > good for first-time discovery of the software updates feature, so I'm
> > not completely against it. However, it could get irritating in the long
> > run, so how about having a checkbox "Don't show this update again"
> I proposed "u-m should also provide an obvious path to enabling automatic
> updates."; providing a checkbox in the dialog would not be very 
> logical, though, since it doesn't make sense if you enable it and then
> click "Remind me later", and it's even weirder if you say "[x] I don't
> care", and at the same time actually install them :)
> > and a dialog that says "You can access this window via _______" or
> > something?
> This could be an extra explanation at the place where you disable the
> reminders.
And where is that?
> Martin

Chow Loong Jin
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