python2.6 related changes

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Feb 25 13:54:33 GMT 2009

Matthias Klose schrieb:
> python2.6 is now in the archive and is added as a supported python version,
> python2.4 is dropped as a supported python version.

main is now built with python2.6 as an optional python version; there are a few
remaining packages which need to be rebuilt after 2.6 becomes the default. You
can find the remaining packages in

After an update, it should be possible to remove python2.5. Note, that universe
still needs some work, but usually these are easy things:

 - .install files in debian/ referencing usr/lib/python*/site-packages. Make
   this usr/lib/python*/*-packages.

 - debian/rules referencing site-packages. To help selecting the correct name
   in shell snippets or wildcard rules, see some helper macros in

 - distutils based installations ( install) go into /usr/local by
   default now. Pass --install-layout=deb, or use the macro in
   The packaging helper tools should handle the easy cases where one single
   binary package is built.

Currently running a desktop installed without python2.5. I would be interested
in feedback, but be prepared to find some edges, which I didn't find yet.


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