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Jaunty had/has the objective to have a fast startup (<25 secs),
But the current technique to resume hibernated machines (using the kernel mode) is too slow, and doesnt use compression.
pm-utils (pm-hibernate via s2disk) currently does this, and have a much nicer UI (it shows progress), but unfortunately it got broken last weekend on jaunty [1].

Since we are past FF, is there any interest in fixing this for koala? Either by improving the kernel mode, or using s2disk.
Some devs keep mentioning that this approach brakes many setups, but it I have never had probs it with on all my machines, and it even works when the kernel mode doesnt.
Maybe we can set an easier option for an user to change this (other then to alter /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module), or use one, and then fallback to the other if this fails.

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