Auto-launching of applications

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Feb 25 09:43:09 GMT 2009

Oliver Grawert wrote:
> so why dont you wait until you got proper hard data and come up with a
> real revolutionary new design for the problem based on this data and
> instead switch to an half thought through immature, resource hogging
> and user annoying mechanism, sorry if that sounds harch but for me that
> new beahavior is a big step backwards in usability, software needs to be
> out of the way of the user, i dont want my hammer to discuss with me
> about the nail, i just want to use it to get the job done ...
Oliver, this was not constructive feedback. If you think your email
sounds harsh, please sleep on it and reconsider it in the morning. The
work we are doing fundamentally depends on making changes to existing
patterns. That will be difficult, please don't make it more difficult by
raising the blood pressure of the discussion without providing clear
suggestions for ways to improve things.

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