update-manager behaviour [was: Auto-launching of applications]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 20 18:16:13 GMT 2009

Matthew Paul Thomas [2009-02-20 17:54 +0000]:
> *   When there are non-security updates, Update Manager will open and
>     show them *one week* after it was last opened (whether it was last
>     opened manually or automatically, and regardless of whether updates
>     were actually installed then).

Ah, that's good. I wasn't aware that opening u-m manually resets the
counter. I can certainly live with that.

> The non-security interval is currently set to two days -- rather than
> one week -- partly to test that the interval code works as it should,
> and partly so that people testing Jaunty pre-release are keeping up to
> date instead of lagging up to a week behind.

Makes sense.

Thanks for the heads-up,

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