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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Fri Feb 20 17:54:37 GMT 2009

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Martin Pitt wrote on 20/02/09 12:21:
> Bruce Cowan [2009-02-18 19:03 +0000]:
>> update-manager is now set to auto-launch every 2 days. Even though I
>> have disabled this, I think it is not the right thing to do.
> That's in fact what I'm afraid of. An attempt to increase the
> visibility of updates will have the very opposite effect and make
> people disable it altogether, which is much worse!
> I see a rationale for immediately opening it if security updates are
> available, especially since there is an option for installing those by
> default.
> But there is no urgency at all in installing bug fixes (*-updates).

To reiterate, the intended default behavior for Ubuntu 9.04 is:

*   When there are security updates, Update Manager will open and show
    them (plus any other available updates) within a day.

*   When there are non-security updates, Update Manager will open and
    show them *one week* after it was last opened (whether it was last
    opened manually or automatically, and regardless of whether updates
    were actually installed then).

*   When there are no available updates, Update Manager will not open
    automatically at all.

The non-security interval is currently set to two days -- rather than
one week -- partly to test that the interval code works as it should,
and partly so that people testing Jaunty pre-release are keeping up to
date instead of lagging up to a week behind.

But if enough of the people who test Ubuntu alphas can be relied on to
keep up to date manually, or if lagging up to a week doesn't actually
matter in the grand scheme of Ubuntu testing, I'd be perfectly happy for
Update Manager to switch to the weekly interval right now.

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