Kernel Compiler missmatches

Andy Whitcroft apw at
Fri Feb 13 12:06:56 GMT 2009

We have a couple of reports indicating that following an update to Hardy
their exernal modules no longer build.  Specifically those modules fail
to build because the version of gcc used to build the kernel and the one
installed and available to build the modules does not match.  The kernel
highly recommends you use the same version, and most external modules
sensibly enforce this.

This missmatch has been triggered in Hardy because we recently did a
security update to the kernel.  That was built in the -security environment
which necesarily lacks any updates from -updates, and therefore has the
released version of gcc.  This kernel was then pocket copied to -updates.
At this point users of -updates have a kernel which was compiled with an
older compiler than the one they have.  This is not desirable.

There seem to be several simple options here:

1) expect the users to build their own kernels if they want to use
   external modules, or
2) update gcc in -security, and always do so, or
3) have separate kernel builds for each pocket (rather than pocket copying
   the -security update into -updates, upload it there separatly with a
   higher upload number).

I guess the security team is best placed to evaluate the safety or
otherwise of (2).



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