Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development

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Thu Dec 17 14:24:28 GMT 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 08:58 -0500, Adrian Perez wrote:

> So, I might propose to have a voting on which VCS system we will use for
> our centralized approach, (if that hasn't happened already).
Bazaar was designed and written to be the distributed version control
system for distributions, in particular Ubuntu.  There is an enormous
amount of infrastructure built up around it, and a large number of
people working on it.

We do not presume (as a community) to tell people what they should and
should not be working on.  If those people are happy working on Bazaar,
then that is entirely their decision.  We would not hold a vote to tell
people to stop what they are doing.

If another group of people were to work on GIT, Mercurial or some new
DVCS - making improvements to better suit a distribution, and were to
put the same amount of work into building an infrastructure around it,
then that is entirely their choice.

Having two competing infrastructures would be cause for a discussion
amongst the Technical Board about which one (if either) we recommended.

Personally (as a member of the TB), in that situation, I'd be more
likely to ask why the GIT or Mercurial folk didn't instead leverage the
existing bzr infrastructure.  For example, by adding support to their
DVCS to be able to pull from and push to the LP server.

That way users could use whichever command-line tool they wanted, and
we'd all have access to the same branches.

Scott James Remnant
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