Call for testing: pm-utils-powersave-policy

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Dec 17 08:43:37 GMT 2009

Hello all,

As part of lucid's power-saving spec [1], lucid has a new package
"pm-utils-powersave-policy". Right now this ships scripts which toggle
those settings when you switch to battery:

 * Increase dirty writeback time to 60 seconds
 * Enable SATA power link management (if you have enough RAM)

I'm especially interested in getting feedback for the latter, since my
own hardware doesn't have SATA. It should help to reduce power usage
(check with powertop), but is prone to introduce latencies when the
disk wakes up again, when your RAM is full and swap needs to be used
(or file access needs to happen in general). So if the current setting
is too aggressive and makes the desktop clumsy, we need to set it back
a few notches.

Please just install the package and let me know about regressions. (Of
course it only actually does something when you run on battery).

The package will be added to *buntu-desktop soon.

Thank you in advance!


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