TurnKey Linux's take on Ubuntu appliance development: KISS

Liraz Siri liraz at turnkeylinux.org
Mon Dec 14 15:11:07 GMT 2009

> Tim Hawkins wrote:
> Perhaps the approach should be to create an application that allows you
> to turn the data you have created on an appliance into a package, so you
> can reinstall it ontop of another freshOS/appliance install when it
> comes time to upgrade. 

According to the policy, Debian packages don't touch user data. Lots of
things depend on that and if you break the rule you'll get burned.

> If each appliance package came with a metadata file that described where
> all the relevant user data is stored, or how to find it via the
> appliances configuration, then such a tool could be feasible. 

The suggested implementation is not the way to do it, but I like the
idea of an automated tool that makes appliance development easier by
packaging the changes a developer made on some sort of SDK appliance.
Maybe eventually we can figure out how to get TurnKey to auto-generate
reproducible deltas ...

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