python2.6 related changes, some advices when merging from Debian

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Sun Dec 6 17:35:11 GMT 2009


here's another update of Python 2.6 transition to summarize where we
are, and what should be achieved in the immediate future.


Debian recently introduced changes to some core tools (debhelper,
cdbs, python-support and python-central) to ease transition for upcoming
python2.6 upload unstable.

These changes have been merged back in Lucid as well, they simplify
handling of python2.6 transition a lot, so in most cases there should
be no need of packaging changes [1] anymore.

For those packages which still require manual changes, bugs were filed
on BTS [2], and several developers and contributors are working on
those to close them all in order to ease inclusion of python2.6.


At the time python2.6 was uploaded in Jaunty, Ubuntu hadn't core tools
immediately available, so several packages received per-package fixes
to let them work with new Python version.

I created a script which displays packages with Ubuntu changes depending
on python(2.?), its output can be found at [3]. It doesn't filter
packages for Python 2.6 related changes, though, so you will have some
unrelated packages listed.

If you plan to merge one of the packages involved, be sure to
double-check Ubuntu patches first (by test-building vanilla Debian
package) because several of them are no longer needed. If a given patch
is still necessary, check if a bug was filed in the BTS [2] and
eventually file a new one using this pseudo-header:

Package: $package_name
Version: $latest_Debian_package_version
Severity: important
User: debian-python at
Usertags: python2.6


If you are unsure about how to proceed with a given patch, or if you
see strange behaviours on some packages, join #debian-python (OFTC
network) and discuss about the matter. This way, things will be managed
for both distributions at the same time.



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