Merging ubuntu-sru and motu-sru?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Dec 2 09:01:42 GMT 2009

Hello SRU teams,

(CC'ing ubuntu-devel@ to archive the discussion and raise awareness of
this matter)

a while ago we already had a quick discussion about merging the two
teams. Now that the archive reorganization has become a practical
reality [1], I think it's time to resurrect and finish this process.

Back then, the two motu-sru special cases were removed from the policy
[2], but we still practiced the separation for recent SRUs.

I propose the following:

 * Structurally, add the three ~motu-sru members (John, David, Cody)
   to ~ubuntu-sru, remove them from ~motu-sru. 
   Make ~ubuntu-sru the sole member of ~motu-sru, to retain backwards
   compatibility wrt. existing bug subscriptions, and until folks stop
   subscribing ~motu-sru.

 * Non-archive admins amongst us (i. e. the current motu-sru members)
   still can't technically accept pending uploads, but just as now
   they can review and approve bugs, so that any archive admin can
   just go ahead and accept approved uploads. (In practice this will
   mostly be done by the archive admins which are in ~ubuntu-sru,

 * Every team member can approve/reject any proposed SRUs. Since
   everyone gets the bug mail, there's plenty of chance to discuss
 * If someone doesn't feel comfortable with reviewing an upload,
   please do express your concerns in the bug (too intrusive patch,
   the aim of the change is not clear, etc.), or just leave it for
   someone else to review.

How do you feel about this? Would you prefer just having one team for
the entire archive, or envision a different structure which might work

Thank you,


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Ubuntu Developer (  | Debian Developer  (
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