motu-release process (was: Re: Sponsorship Queue Process)

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Sun Aug 30 00:09:06 BST 2009


Am Friday 28 August 2009 16:34:27 schrieb Andrew SB:
> Perhaps we should be using release targeting for cases where
> motu-release is subscribed to existing bugs?
> Adding a Karmic task for the FFe would allow for the exception to be
> rejected without invalidating the entire bug if the change wasn't
> deemed as appropriate. This seems to be a logical extension of the SRU
> policy.

Hm... I've been thinking about this for some time. However unless I'm missing 
some launchpad magic here, it doesn't seem to fulfill these requirements:
> > Basically what I need from FFe bugs is a way to
> > * see which FFe's are granted already (I don't regular look at these)
> > * see which FFe's are still in my queue

Currently my worklist is
so I guess that would clutter it up with 2 bug entries (eventually 3 in case 
the bug in question is linked to debian as well).
[side note: I know that it's possible to restrict this list to not show Debian 
bugs, but my brain doesn't memorize urls of that complexity.]

doesn't seem to make a difference between universe and main. Hence I think 
that using nominations would not be beneficial, unless there's some cool LP 
URL I haven't found yet ;).

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